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    Question of the Day, Sunday the 19th of January, 2020

    Yes, true. Diana did mostly everything in grace. :) And before she joined the Royal family Meghan was an actress, so being in the "public eye" is not supposed to be new to her. On the other hand, Catherine was a commoner, but when she became the wife of Prince William she also in an instant...
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    Question of the Day, Sunday the 19th of January, 2020

    I have mixed feelings about this. I don't know. I am one of those who was a "fan" of the Royal Family especially during Princess Diana times, and it made me smile how the two sons of hers have grown into fine men. I cried when Diana died, btw. :) Personally I think it is Meghan who made it a...
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    Depressed Grieving Dog, Need Advice!

    Fostering as suggested by @Jcatbird is a very good advice. That way you will know if Flurry will be accepting of this dog or not. If it is, then you can go ahead with officially adopting it. Yes, let her also grieve. But I personally also would not want Flurry to be alone in the house once...
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    In light of the Blizzard in Newfoundland...

    Oh how adorable! Reminds me of my dogs who do not want to get out of the house too when the weather is not good, or it gets too cold or too humid. :)
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    Problems after returning from the vet

    Good news!
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    Anyone know what she might be?

    She is a beautiful Domestic Long Hair. :redheartpump::redheartpump: I hope she is already fixed. Maybe she is lost. Have you been keeping her only indoors since you found her? Did you check before if anyone is missing their cat?
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    Driving Everybody Nuts...

    Can you keep them (the clothes, towels etc) locked in your rooms and bathrooms? Are those items the only things he drags around? Does he do it usually when you are not in the house? Maybe he is having separation anxiety and he drags your clothes because your scent is still there?
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    What can I do about a roommate who doesn't care about her bond with her cats

    Can you adopt them officially? Maybe you can talk to her and tell her you would just be keeping her cats for good.
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    Destructive Cat

    True. Even now after I have calmed down, I would laugh later thinking about what just happened. My husband would always tell me when I am mad, "Later I would be seeing you kissing those cats as if nothing happened." Which is true. LOL.
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    Destructive Cat

    Indeed! 😁😁😁 who would have guessed that she has already cost me a lot of money? Hahaha!
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    Some GOOD news out of Australia

    It is indeed a bit of good news. I do pray all will be over. Makes me so sad to think of the many lives affected, and animals lost. In my country there are at least 3 volcanoes still acting up, but we have to be alert on this Taal Volcano as its already at Level 4. It is one province away from...
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    Destructive Cat

    Never a dull day (or night!) with a cat! Lol. In my house I often find myself running after the culprit (usually its the two younger ones Graham and Oreo), and often times in my haste I trip and fall, and just stay there on the floor while I yell or cry or laugh, or all of it at the same time! 😂
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    Question of the Day, Friday, January 17 (late)

    Hobbs & Shaw (a Fast & Furious sort of movie), last year. I did not like it, though.
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    Destructive Cat

    And I thought I was having a rough night...😁
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    Destructive Cat

    Oh wow! THANK YOU. I did not know about this.