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New Crew On The Forum

Discussion in 'New Cats on the Block' started by Kawenu, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Kawenu

    Kawenu Thread Starter Another Midwesterner Kitten

    Apr 19, 2019
    St. Louis, Missouri
    Howdy everyone! I'm Kawenu, or Kaw if you're feeling too lazy for 6 letters. I've had a cat around me all my life, and currently have four in my family, now. I decided to join this forum because I want to learn more about cats while participating in a community! My current goals with my meows is to learn how to use clicker training to make our lives more exciting, and to perhaps harness train my eldest and youngest boys.

    I'm now gonna introduce everyone from oldest to youngest!

    This is Betsy. She came to be apart of my life when my wife moved in with me. She's somewhere around 13 or 14 years old. Unfortunately, she was declawed by previous owners before being placed in a shelter. She's been rehomed several times in her life, but she's with us forever, now. This image is of her when we woke up first thing. No food, and Oop had clearly done his damage to the water bowl.

    This big doofus is my boy, Child. I obtained him in 2012, after my aunt took in a stray who promptly had a litter of kittens. He's very special in that he has deformed ribs and all his toes point out a little too far. He's a bit clumsy, but insists that he should be allowed outdoors. I disagree, until he learns to walk on a leash.

    Pictured here are my boys, Oop (left) and Child (right). Oop is an acronym name, "Out of Paint." I've been accused of being very midwestern for this name, and I've come to terms with this. Still, my half-brained Oop is a very good, cuddly boy who will tell you all about his day, even if you didn't ask. He's 4 years old now, but he has no idea. He's pretty sure he's still a baby.

    Last, but not least, is our tiny black shadow, Darwin! He was delivered to us by my sister-in-law, April 12th. She removed him from a questionable environment, asked if we'd take him, and obviously we said yes. He had a very bumpy start though, and this picture was taken just as he take done a 180° for the better. We look forward to a long and fun-filled life with Darwin and all his silly antics.

    And that's a quick intro of all the cats!! I look forward to getting to know everyone and I hope to learn a lot here, especially about cat training.

  2. verna davies

    verna davies TCS Member Staff Member Forum Helper

    Feb 23, 2016
    Wales uk
    Hello Kawenu, Betsy, Child, Oop and Darwin. Welcome to the site , so glad you chose to join us. You have a lovely family. There are lots of things to read and learn here, games and competitions to join in. Enjoy looking around. Dont forget to post lots of photos and let us know how the clicker training goes.
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  3. di and bob

    di and bob TCS Member Top Cat

    Dec 12, 2012
    Nebraska, USA
    Welcome!!! You have a lovely family.
    This is one big, ever expanding family too, we are here for the good and the bad. We always welcome other opinions, experience and what works is always valuable to have. We get so used to our little ones and how we interact, sometimes it is suprising that there are people out there that are just starting out and need help. I myself have had cats in my life for over 55 years, and many here have had just as much. A fresh perspectiove is always welcome, so don't be afraid to jump in.
    The precious ones you love are so lucky to have you in their lives. I pray they bring you many more years of joy and happiness!
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  4. rubysmama

    rubysmama Forum Helper Staff Member Forum Helper

    Nov 25, 2013

  5. tabbytom

    tabbytom Happiness is being owned by a cat Staff Member Mentor

    May 12, 2016
    Garden City, Singapore
    graphics-hello-122810.jpg Kawenu, Betsy, Child, Oop and Darwin, on behalf of The Catsite community, a warm 7ee6f4e56d44dfc694e32754102dfc96.jpg to all of you.

    So glad that you’ve joined this site and you are in the right place for all things cat and this site is loaded with tons of rich resources and you’ll find friendly and helpful cats around and many of our cats are very knowledgeable in cat related stuffs.

    What a wonderful fur-mily! :hearthrob: :redheartpump: :hearthrob: :redheartpump: :hearthrob: :redheartpump:

    New Here? I Have A Few Suggestions For You!
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    Feel free to ask questions if you have any and start a new thread of your own and post them under the appropriate forum headings and do check out the many informative articles we have here in Articles | The Cat Site

    Enjoy your stay and see ya around :wink:

  6. Kawenu

    Kawenu Thread Starter Another Midwesterner Kitten

    Apr 19, 2019
    St. Louis, Missouri
    Thank you all so much for the warm welcome! Thank you for all the links, as well! I'll be sure to look through them. We are prepping our new home and plan on making the big bedroom with giant windows a cat room. Lots of vertical space is being planned, with as much of it as possible being accessible to Betsy within reason. She has hip problems from prolonged obesity and I don't need her falling from super high spaces.

  7. Mamanyt1953

    Mamanyt1953 Rules my home with an iron paw Staff Member Forum Helper

    Oct 16, 2015
    Havelock, North Carolina
    Goodness, what a "loverly" bunch of kittehs! I, obviously (see avatar) have a real weakness for torties and calicos, but...I've never met a cat I didn't admire! And little Darwin is to DIE FOR!
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  8. Boris Diamond

    Boris Diamond Cat Valet Top Cat

    Mar 27, 2015
    Welcome to TCS! You have a wonderful clowder of kitties! :redheartpump: So kind of you to take in all those wonderful cats!
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  9. neely

    neely May the purr be with you Staff Member Forum Helper

    Dec 22, 2005
    A very warm welcome to TCS! :wave3: Thank you for introducing us to your handsome cats. They are delightfully charming. I can't wait to see how you will turn your big bedroom with giant windows into a cat room. We look forward to pics once it is completed. :camera:
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  10. Graceful-Lily

    Graceful-Lily *Alien* Super Cat

    May 30, 2016
    Orbiting the Earth. . .
    Your kitty clan is so beautiful. :blush:
    I know you'll love it here - such a great community.
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  11. aliceneko

    aliceneko TCS Member Top Cat

    Dec 28, 2017
    London, England
    Welcome to you and your furry family :)

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