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On TCS Forums Rules & Guidelines

Forum Rules
  1. One account per person please.
  2. There is always room for different opinions, however, intolerance, bigotry, and religious ridicule will not be tolerated. Additionally, there is no room for flames, slams, and personal vendettas that carry on to the public view.
  3. Controversial and/or political topics are restricted to the IMO Forum. Please take a moment to read the rules posted there before you join the discussions. Political messages, slogans, quotes and barbs are not permitted in signatures and avatars.
  4. Posting of graphic and/or objectionable photos is strictly forbidden.
  5. Though mild swearing may be tolerated in some contexts, it should never be directed at another individual or group. Graphic images/cartoons are not permitted. For members that enjoy posting as their cat, this is only allowed in designated threads in the Cat's Meow forum as it tends to distract from our ability to provide helpful answers, and causes confusion when mixed with traditional posting.
  6. Reviews of businesses, organizations and products are not allowed on the forums.
  7. If you see any potential problem with a post, please alert a moderator by clicking the little flag at the bottom of the post. Do not address the issue by replying in the thread - let the moderators handle the situation.
  8. Always be courteous in your contacts with team members, whether public or private.
  9. Refrain from posting complaints and negative feedback on the public forums. Public discussion of any Mod actions, such as thread editing, thread removal and revocation of memberships, is strictly prohibited. Complaints and feedback of any kind are welcome when delivered courteously via PM's to team members, or directly to the site owner, Anne at [email protected].
  10. TCS does not endorse any of the opinions expressed in contributions to the site by any member (including team members) and reserves the right to remove any of them at any time and for any reason. Once you post, you are giving TCS the right to edit, publish and distribute your published content, including but not limited to posts, pages, reviews, albums and images. You cannot withdraw or retract your content contributions or seek payments from us in relation to this license at any time. Should you choose to leave the site, your account, including your posts, reviews, images and any other contributions to the site, will not be deleted. If you delete any of your content it may be un-deleted by the site team.
  11. Information about User Titles and Benefits can be found here: Promotions and Benefits
  12. No use of artificial intelligence chatbots when posting.
Solicitations and Promotions -
  1. Website promotion is not allowed, other than in a discreet link in your signature once you have enough posts. This includes your username, avatar and profile page. Linking to social media accounts or blogs is not allowed. A discreet link in your signature is allowed after 100 posts and 10 days of membership. Embedding videos from social media is allowed without any promotional comments. Linking outside the site is allowed where relevant, though we prefer to use the resources available on this site. Posts that are judged to be spammy in nature by the site team may get edited or deleted.
  2. No solicitation of products/services is allowed in private messaging or threads. This includes solicitations of personal works. Please read this for more details and contact a team member if in doubt.
  3. Members are allowed one post in the SOS forum every six months for asking for donations to a reputable crowdfunding site or other forms of support for a cat welfare organization. Donation request in bitcoin are not allowed. Repeated postings for the same cause or organization and any posts in forums other than SOS will be deleted.
  4. Posting of contests not sanctioned by is prohibited (exceptions made at the discretion of the site owner). runs its own contests periodically. If you are interested in being the sponsor for one of these contests, please contact [email protected].
  5. Links to Youtube pages and videos are not allowed - if you wish to share a video, please embed it into your post.
  6. Links to surveys, or survey questions, regarding projects unrelated to this website require permission from the site owner prior to posting. Please contact a team member if in question or email [email protected]
Cat Care Policies, Guidelines and Stances

1. If you suspect that your cat may be ill, please contact your vet immediately. No online advice can replace direct veterinary intervention.You are welcome to look for advice in the health forum while waiting for that appointment, but never delay proper veterinary care waiting for Internet advice.

2. Do not provide medical advice. Discussing various options is encouraged and you may share your experience including details about what kind of medication was administered and dosage. However, do not suggest to another member that they should change anything in the course of treatment prescribed by their vet without first consulting with a qualified veterinarian.

3. This is a pro-spay-and-neuter website. Please make sure to spay and neuter your cats. Unless you are a professional breeder and your cat is part of a professional breeding program, please educate yourself to the importance of spaying and neutering by the time your cat is 4-6 months old. If you take care of a feral colony, please make sure to do so responsibly by practicing TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) protocols within the colony. Read More Here.

4. This website is anti-declawing. Understand that if you are pro-declaw in your posts, you will encounter opposition. Please learn more about alternatives for declawing

Purraise Guidelines

Purraise is the name we use for our reputation system. That's the heart you're seeing near your username.

- Do not ask for Purraise, explicitly or otherwise, for a specific contribution or in general.
- Do not hold grudges with Purraise. Give it to any contribution that you feels deserves acknowledgement, regardless of your relationship with the contributor.
- Do not give Purraise to a post of a member just because you like them. The POST itself should be worthy of the rep.

Read more about the Purraise system here.

How We Handle Rules & Policy Violations

Trolls & Spammers who posts spam or inappropriate/objectionable content on the board or in PMs are subject to an immediate ban without notice or remedy.

If you see a potential problem with a posting, please alert a moderator by clicking the little flag at the bottom of the post. State as clearly as you can the reason the post should be removed or edited and allow the moderator to work from there.

At times some posts will vanish from the board, as they will need to be cleaned up and put back. Sometimes they just don’t return.

Members unable or unwilling to follow the guidelines may have their membership privileges revoked without warning under the sole discretion of TCS Staff. These decisions are made privately, communicated privately to the member in question, and will not be discussed with other members.

If you are not pleased with the way this site is run or have an issue with one of the team, you are welcome to contact the owner at [email protected]. Posting about it in the forums and threatening to leave the site will not be tolerated. Any post in violation of this rule will be edited or removed without prior notice and membership privileges may be revoked.

Warning: If you receive a pm that is a warning, it will serve merely as a rule reminder and will not affect your membership privileges. This would be for something minor, such as a signature violation.

Infraction: Receiving an infraction by pm means that a serious rule violation has taken place. Action may or may not be taken regarding your membership privileges. This is at the sole discretion of the TCS team since not all cases are the same. As always, decisions and actions will be kept private and can only be discussed with mods and admins through pm's.
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