Are new here? I know "jumping into" a new community can seem daunting and would like to offer some tips to help you with a smooth and soft landing.

Get to Know the Site is different from other cat websites. During our 17+ years of existence, we have developed a unique identity as a website and a community. Please do take a few minutes to read our Mission Statement on the About Us page. It's not very long, I promise!

Next, you may want to familiarize yourself with our rules. We take pride in being a fully-moderated family-friendly community and having an excellent team of moderators, advisors and mentors, who constantly browse the forums. We also have a committed community with experienced members who are quick to flag rule violations. Together, we stop dozens of spam and trolling posts every week, nipping them in the bud and keeping our forums a fun and useful environment. In short, take a minute to read the rules, especially if you are here to try and promote your site or blog.

Browse around the site! The forums are the core of our community. Click here to see the full list of forums. We do have other sections as well. They are all readily accessible from this navigation menu, prominently displayed at the top of each page.

Last but not least, if you're unfamiliar with posting on forums, take a few minutes to get through our site guides and specifically these illustrated guides which show you how to start a thread and how to reply to one.

"Ok, I browsed around, I joined, now what?"

Feel free to jump into any thread you want! You really can't go wrong here. There are a couple of forums where you can't post right away: The IMO forum and the Ethical Breeding forum but the rest of the forums are open for posting.

Still not sure where to start? Here are a few suggestions -

1. Make an introductory post in the New Cats on the Block forum.

Tell us about yourself and your kitties and don't forget to share pictures.

2. Take a few minutes to customize your profile. Add your own Avatar image, edit your signature and tell us a bit about yourself on your profile page on the site.

3. Add cat photos in the Gallery. You can have as many albums as you want and upload as many images as you like. You can create albums for your other pets or any other topic close to your heart.

4. Browse through the various forums. See which ones you like and subscribe to them by clicking on the link that says "Watch Forum". This will ensure you get notified of new threads in those forums.

These are just a few suggestions. The more you interact with others in the community, the more rewarding and enriching your experience will be. I'll leave you with one last article, 13 Surefire Tips for Getting Better, Faster Replies in the Forums.

Still have questions? We have forums for those, ya know
You can post about any problems or issues here. We're here for you!