New Here? I Have A Few Suggestions For You!

Are new here? I know "jumping into" a new community can seem daunting and would like to offer some tips to help you with a smooth and soft landing.

Get to Know the Site is different from other cat websites. During our 17+ years of existence, we have developed a unique identity as a website and a community. Please do take a few minutes to read our Mission Statement on the About Us page. It's not very long, I promise!

Next, you may want to familiarize yourself with our rules. We take pride in being a fully-moderated family-friendly community and having an excellent team of moderators, advisors and mentors, who constantly browse the forums. We also have a committed community with experienced members who are quick to flag rule violations. Together, we stop dozens of spam and trolling posts every week, nipping them in the bud and keeping our forums a fun and useful environment. In short, take a minute to read the rules, especially if you are here to try and promote your site or blog.

Browse around the site! The forums are the core of our community. Click here to see the full list of forums. We do have other sections as well. They are all readily accessible from this navigation menu, prominently displayed at the top of each page.

Last but not least, if you're unfamiliar with posting on forums, take a few minutes to get through how to reply to one.

"Ok, I browsed around, I joined, now what?"

Feel free to jump into any thread you want! You really can't go wrong here. There are a couple of forums where you can't post right away: The IMO forum and the Ethical Breeding forum but the rest of the forums are open for posting.

Still not sure where to start? Here are a few suggestions -

1. Make an introductory post in the New Cats on the Block forum.

Tell us about yourself and your kitties and don't forget to share pictures.

2. Take a few minutes to customize your profile. Add your own Avatar image, edit your signature and tell us a bit about yourself on your profile page on the site.

3. Add cat photos in the Gallery. You can have as many albums as you want and upload as many images as you like. You can create albums for your other pets or any other topic close to your heart.

4. Browse through the various forums. See which ones you like and subscribe to them by clicking on the link that says "Watch Forum". This will ensure you get notified of new threads in those forums.

These are just a few suggestions. The more you interact with others in the community, the more rewarding and enriching your experience will be. I'll leave you with one last article, Surefire Tips for Getting Better, Faster Replies in the Forums.

Still have questions? We have forums for those, ya know  You can post about any problems or issues here. We're here for you!

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24 comments on “New Here? I Have A Few Suggestions For You!

Pumasparent September 6, 2017
Hi! I'm am a new kitty Momma! Our new addition is a sweet girl we call Puma. She is almost 6 months old and we adopted her at 7 weeks old from a friend of a friend of a friend that couldn't keep them. I think she has some Maine coon or Norwegian forest or some other long haired breed mixed in her, but not sure? She is super loving, vocal, social, playful, dog like and smart! Super smart! I am happy to have found a place for everything kitty's!
Arrow2016 May 13, 2017
I'm still unsure how to start a thread
Julie ann May 9, 2017
Hi my names Julie Ann I'm so happy to have found the cat site because my new kitten is half Russian blue/rag doll he sucks my neck and chin and Peres his head off so coming on here has answered all my questions, he also when I'm up and about specially at his dinner time runs up my leg and sits on my shoulder,what's that about, Iv never had a cat hoos done that before,he's 12 weeks now and he also sleeps with my 9 year old dog.
3kittylove March 20, 2017
How do you make a thread?
3kittylove March 20, 2017
I am new. I came on here looking for help with my Burmese cat. Hes amazing. Hes a lover and my baby. I also have a 15 lb tabby names flex who loves to be outside and anywhere but inside. I was adopted my an orange tabby named gryffindor who loves to love and hunt and play. They are all my babies!!! 
nbk8642 February 18, 2017
Hello Members, Iam new to this site and  Iam not a techy....Lol! We bought a cat we name Tofu, supposedly she is a SnoShoe Siamese but it turns out that she might be a RagDoll, we don't know who to ask  what she is.  I am glad that I found this site and Thank you to all that manage this site. Fe
aliens January 13, 2017
Hi! I'm new here, i made stumbled upon this site while searching for behavioral problems in cats. I have two cats Chip and Mori. Mori is aggressive And Chip is the best cat ever.
douglas September 13, 2016
Hello alI! I came looking for people that cared enough about cats to love them for who they are.  
uschka March 23, 2016
Hi, I'm new here myself - stumbled upon the site earlier today while researching Hound and Gatos cat food. My cat is a 10 yr old tabby named Mia whom I've had for close to 4 years. She is my fourth cat and the sweetest cat ever. She is unable to vocalize and it just breaks my heart to see her trying to "meow" but not able to produce a single sound.
    Poweranni74 January 6, 2020
    I call that "the silent meow" --- especially when the look at you, and all you hear is a breath and a click. Can she vocalize in other ways? Like yowl?
she speaks meow January 3, 2016
She Speaks Meow Hi, I am a new member.  I have 9 cats, from 3-12 yrs.  I am retired; however, my 2nd full time "career" is dedicated to helping cats. I am very active in the TNR community; and, I also socialize and foster kittens for a local No-Kill Shelter.  I love all animals, but feel that I have a "cat soul" residing within me.  I look forward to connecting and learning from other cat lovers here; and also sharing my cat knowledge/experiences with this community.
Anne December 31, 2015
I'm reminding everyone to please keep questions, especially about cats, to the forums. The article pages are not necessarily monitored for stray questions.
chikita August 13, 2015
Hello I'm new here and I would like to know what I have to do so I can upload photos to the community albums. For some reason it doesn't work for me.
doreen rasanen July 24, 2015
My name is Doreen. I have had nineteen cats at one time about eighteen years ago. I am writing a manuscript about our experiences togther in third person (being Gramma Ginger), who is the narrator. Thru visits to the vet, I have comes to understand a lot, but there were a couple of times that I branched out and did something on my own instead of relying on medication of any kind which are: I had a 10 x 12 foot deck made enclosed with galvanized mesh (this type their claws will not get stuck) and a trail of cedar planks around three -quarter of the inner perimeter for them and one table and small bench. I was told I must put flea and whatever else on and in them so they won't get infected, and that I should have the booster shots, but I didn't comply with this and for the eighteen years nothing went wrong: I was told to give laxatane and plenty water for bowl problem, which I didn't buyl Instead I gave plenty water in their canned food with all know the half inch, of which I keep doing every morning (not too much all bran just enough to keep their bowls nice. I had not one accident with these cats, but a lot, lot, lot of hard work. I never played with these cat, but rather throw a safe little ball to them and if they want to play they will. They have taught me so much. My vet told me that the cats were very mentally well, and I said, I don't know why I haven't done anything to them. His reply was, that's it you just gave them love, peace and happiness.
Anne June 28, 2015
Welcome everyone! Don't forget to post about yourselves and your kitties in the New Cats on the Block forum. That's where other members are more likely to see your posts and welcome you.
kimbro1958 June 27, 2015
Hi, I'm a new member too.  I presently have an 8-week old male tabby named Gabriel and a 10-year old male tabby named Goober.  I'll put a couple of pictures of them on here... if that is possible.  Happy to be part of the site.
felinegood June 14, 2015
Hi! I'm very new to this site and I'm enjoying it very much! Since I have 4 indoor kitties and a stray that I'm feeding and taking care of, this is the perfect website for me.  I have loved cats all my life.  Quoting Blaga Dimitrova, "A cat stretches from one end of my childhood to the other."  Enjoy your day with your kitties!
thecrew57 March 22, 2015
Hi, So happy to have ran into this site. For the last 3 years I have been trapping my outside ferrer cats. They are great cats. I neuter and spade the cats which need it. One of the female cats seem to get pregnant again. She is hard to catch but I keep trying. We call her LADY because thats what comes to mind when I see her. She had her kittens in the house we build outside . It has straw in it. The other house we set it up with a warm heater blanket. She choice the house with no heat. She had 4 little kittens. Its the 3rd day. We keep checking them and always feeding her. Is there anything that i need to do to make it better and comfortable. The degrees here is 30 at night or less. I live in New york city , The bronx.Anything to give me feedback. I would be gratefully thankful. Thank you
Anne November 27, 2014
Welcome aboard! Why not start an introduction thread here - It's where other members can respond to your introduction and it's also where you can add pictures of your cats. Looking forward to seeing your introduction there! Welcome!
fatcat5 November 27, 2014
fatcat5 Hello, hello newbies! I too am new on this site. I was desperate for some information about fatty liver disease. I don't really know how I found this website, but boy am I happy I did! Okay, I have 2 cats at the moment, which of course mean's that although we always say, no more...another one always "finds it's way" to our house. I have a male cat named Thomas who is 13 years old. He is a beautiful dark grey with a white mustache, white kind of a triangle on his face, and white socks with big green eyes. He too is on a diet (he is currently weighing in at 22 lbs). He loves to talk, talk, talk..he found me at a drug store. I say that because when I pulled up, the minute I got out of my car, he came out of the bushes crying; as if to say, help; I'm hungry and homeless. He was about 12 wks at the time. I ran in the store an dumped food in the bushes where he was living. At this time, he was already kind of feral, so I couldn't get to him. With time, I would come and feed him several times a day until I gained his trust, but ultimately, we did have to capture him with a trap. He was slowly socialized with our other 2 cats, and well, here we are!  My other one is a girl who's name is Molly. We adopted her at  3 months old. I had to send my other baby to heaven; she was 20 years old and it was time and Thomas was really missing her.  He loves his company. Oh my gosh, there were so many adoptees!!! It was so hard to pick one. I wanted them all!!! I suspect I will be one of those "cat ladies" in my old age...Oh dear.  Well, Molly was following my husband around. Needless to say, we took her home. My home is not a home unless I have my cat's. I know you can all relate to the feeling of coming home; whether depressed, sick, or even just fine, they are there with their unconditional love. And having my babies with me is so comforting. I wouldn't have it any other way. I do have a rabbit name Jake who Molly loves to play with, and well, mr. grumpy, aka; Thomas, isn't exactly thrilled about him, but he puts up with him. He looks at him like he still can't understand why his ears are so long..Anyway, I am excited and so happy to be on board and welcome all other newbies! Thank you. Oh, and I will be posting some pics of them once I find the battery to my camera!
abby 53 June 26, 2014
Good morning everyone,,I also am new to your site.. I am so excited to hear from all of you.. It is so lovely to find “Kat Lovers”. I will be sharing with my friends as I would like them to have this joy also.. Now,, I have three girls,, Abigail, Amanda a and Farina I have chosen Abby for my pic,,as she is my “Special Child”. If you ever have had a Siamese, you will understand why I say “Special Child”. My girls are my Peace, Love and Happiness. My reason. Farina is my soulful girl.. aka,, Billi Holiday reincarnate, a soulful singer,, and Sweet Amanda,, she is the polydactyl of the group. I will say she is on a diet and not to excited about it..We never call her challenged,,I tell her Kitties are creatures of comfort and yes my dear.. you are extremely comfortable..  I will be posting more pic’s of them,, Once again,, thank you for being out there,, All of you,,, have a wonderful day..  
koolkatz May 21, 2014
Those cats are so cute!
ebony n michabz March 7, 2014
Ann and TCS members, I am a new member, I happened on this site "by accident" this morning. I think this site is absolutely wonderful! Thank-you for creating an educational site. I am happy that I found this site. The few pages I have read this morning, I learned so much! There is so much to read. A little about me, I have 2 cats, Ebony and Michabz. Ebony is 5 years of age. She was the tiniest black ball of all her litter mates and strongest. However, Ebony is MIA. I affectionately refer to her as "having a case of wonder-lust"  I keep hoping that she is found and reunited with me. I have physical challenges. An aid left a window open and Ebony escaped, Ebony was micro-chipped and spayed at the MSPCA in MA. The MSPCA took excellent care of Ebony and had no recovery issues Michabz is celebrating his 2nd birthday March 14th. Michabz has lite gray and white patches, golden eyes, white face and paws, solid lite gray on the outside of his ears and tail, lite pink inside ears and nose. All the pads on his paws are lite pink. Michabz was neutered by a mobile clinic. They did not do micro-chipping, The state and city where I live now has some what "narrow definition of service animals and scope where I can travel." Ideally, I would like to find a mobile vet that works with cats, Unfortunately in a small town it might be to specific, I would welcome any ideas. Thanks, Ebony And Michabz

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