7 Tips For Choosing Your Forum Username

When you register, you have to choose a username by which your fellow cat lovers will know you on the board. With so many accounts already created, don't even try "Kitty"...

Please take a few minutes to think about your username, you could be using it for years to come. Need help choosing a name? Here are some tips and hints about choosing a good username on the forums -

  1. Keep it family-friendly.
  2. Avoid using your full real name. Even if you think anonymity is not an issue today, you may just change your mind down the road.
  3. Do you really want your cat's name in the username? It may seem like an odd question but experience has shown us that this may be a problem. What happens if you add more cats to your family? What happens when your cat crosses the bridge years from now? Will you be ok with keeping the name in your username forever?
  4. Stay away from usernames that reflect your current mood.
  5. Keep it short and memorable. Depending on how often you visit the forums, you may need to re-type it to log-in.
  6. Try to choose name that is easy for others to pronounce and spell. That would make it easier for them to remember your name and address you.
  7. Do NOT use your business name. If you're here to promote your business - read this first.

Username change policy

In an effort to keep discussions easy to follow, our rule is to avoid username changes. We do sometimes make exceptions to the rule, in the following cases -

  1. The account has a handful of posts.
  2. A small typo correction is needed.
  3. The member brings forward a very good reason for making the change.

Username changes are done on a case-by-case basis. If you think you may need to change your username, here's what to do -

  1. Let one of our moderators know in a private message explaining exactly why you want your username changed.
  2. Include your preferred new username. Search the site first to make sure that the username is available.

Do not start a new account with a different username. Duplicate accounts are not allowed in the forum and you could end up with a lifetime ban.

Above all, just go ahead and register! We're looking forward to talking with you about cats (and more!).

Note: We may get commissions for purchases made through links on this page.

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