Community Guidelines & Practices – Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're new here or a long-time member, you may find the answers to these questions interesting.


Where can I find the site rules?

We keep the forum rules in a handy place, right in the New Cats on The Block forum.

Here's a direct link to the forum rules. Please do take a minute to read them, and when you get bored and in need of a quick break, you can always read them again!

If I read something that violates the site rules, what should I do?

If you find anything on the site that you think violates the site rules, find offensive, or have any other issue with, please do the following -

1. Click the little flag that's under the post/review/image.

This allows you to flag the post for the site moderators to review. It's the fastest and most effective way to draw a moderator's attention to a problem post.

2. That's it. Please do not respond to the offending post, don't feed trolls and spammers and avoid flaming other users.

Who can provide medical advice and how?

Do not provide medical advice on the forums.

Feel free to share experiences about treatments your own cats received but do not recommend treatments for other members' cats. More about what you can and can't do when discussing treatments.

Can I recommend a specific diet to another user?

We believe there is no one single diet that's a good fit for all cats and so prefer for members to avoid "pushing" any particular diet on other members. Please be respectful of other members' choices.

Specifically, if you wish to suggest a homemade or raw diet click here to read our special instructions on how and where you can do that.

How can I promote my site/business/cause here?

Like most online communities, we really don't like spam. Our moderators are quick to delete spam and ban spammers.

If you wish to promote your site, business or cause on our site please click to read the guidelines on that.

Can I link to a website from a post?

Not if it's your website or if you're affiliated with it in any way. If our moderators find out that you are (and they have their ways...) you may find your account banned. Fast.

If you're not affiliated in any way with a website, you may link to it. However, keep in mind that we have a treasure trove of cat care articles right here on the site. Please check the articles section first and only link outside the site if you absolutely have to. There is no actual rule as to how much you can link outside the website but it's good netiquette to limit your links from a forum to other websites.

Thank you for keeping our members right here on TCS!

Can I copy an article from another website into my post?

No. These articles are almost always copyrighted so we do not allow this here. It's good practice to only copy the first paragraph (or a similarly small piece) and then link to the article in question.

Can I copy an article or image from into another website (another forum, or my blog)?

No. You may not copy anything that you see on TCS, articles, images, reviews, or anything else without explicit written permission from the site owner, Anne Moss.

If you want to re-publish content from, contact us with a clear request so we can discuss this.

Can I link to an article that I found on

Yes. You don't need a website's permission to link to them, as long as you only link to the content and don't copy any of it.

Catspeak - where and when can I post as my cat? is a forum for cat owners and cat lovers. We expect posts to be from human beings, not from felines.

You may only post as a cat in The Cat's Meow forum. Here are The Cat's Meow posting guidelines.

How can I get more people to answer my question?

The short answer: be a positive active member and post clearly.

The long answer: 13 Surefire Tips for Getting Better, Faster Replies in the Forums

You can read all about these roles here.

As you get actively involved in the cat forums, you may start wondering why some of our members have special badges next to their usernames. Get to know our Moderators, Mentors, Advisors and Forum Helpers. Here's all about these TCS Roles.

How can I become a team member?

We occasionally turn to members and invite them to join the team.

We look for members who are over 18, have been very active on the site for at least six months and have no infractions. Existing team members recommend members who meet these criteria and are also friendly, committed to good cat care and cat welfare, have good communication skills and whom they feel may be a good match for one of our team roles. We then approach these members and offer them to join.

Note: We may get commissions for purchases made through links on this page.

7 comments on “Community Guidelines & Practices – Frequently Asked Questions

Whenallhellbreakslose October 12, 2020
Greetings TCS Staff. I haven't been on this site too long, but I have been a bit active. I started out with the title Kitten, then graduated to Young Cat and now I am an Adult Cat. I was wondering about what the other titles are, but couldn't find any info on the site. I also notice some members have Thread Starter in their profile. I am curious what us the criteria for graduating to the next title/stage. Thank you in advance for reading this email. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Furballsmom November 28, 2020
    Hi! In case you haven't already gotten information about this, here is some. Sorry about the late response but unless someone comes to the comments section specifically, members don't see questions that are posted below articles. As you've probably determined already, the member badges are predicated on length of time on the site and number of posts, if I remember correctly. I will look for more details for you :) The thread starter is literally the member who is the Original Poster for that specific thread.
      Furballsmom November 28, 2020
      and thanks to another staff member, here is the post about it
strider rose July 21, 2020
i would like to be a team member . i know i just got here so i am willing to wait ... what all do i need to do to be one ?
HarrisNBL December 3, 2018
How do you post questions?
angelsmom1988 October 29, 2017
I would like to know how to add a new Cat Page. I added one several years ago, and cannot find where to add a new one. Thanks so much for any help.
kommunity kats October 9, 2017
I was hoping to find the answer to the question: "How do I search this web-site for specific content?" For example, I am currently looking for information regarding cat food that contains brewer's yeast, as well as the experiences of those who have fed it regularly to their cats, and the outcome.

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