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May 12, 2016
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Happiness is being owned by a cat, from Garden City, Singapore

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    1. Dawn lindsey
      Dawn lindsey
      Thank you very much for the support.and the reply. I have an appointment for him to neutered in a couple weeks. The humane society does it for a lot cheaper and gives you pain medicine to take home.
      He's not a happy camper tonight but I'd rather him to be safe. He is such a sweet and loving cat. I do admit that I spoil him but who don't. Lol
      Thanks again.
      1. tabbytom
        Great that he's scheduled for neutering. It's quite a simple procedure compared to spaying. Your boy will be up in no time. Just watch for foul smell, discharge and bleeding.. other than that, he's good to go.
        But if you should worry or have any questions regarding neutering, feel free to ask in the forum and we'll answer your questions. Take care!
        May 10, 2017
    2. sherit
      thank you for your compliment on Lily and enjoying her birthday party at home!
      She is the softest cat I have ever had ..so soft like a rabbit .
      Your cat is lovely, I love tabbys and my husband and I have owned at least 6 tabby cats...
      Is tabbytom a special breed or just a young cat that has beautiful large ears?
      SheriT in Alabama usa
      1. tabbytom
        Thank you sherit. Glad that Lily had a great time celebrating her birthday.
        My boy's name is January. Tabbytom is just his log in name as he is a tabby cat and and a male and that's how I came up with the log in name for him.
        I suspect that he might have a mix in him but I'm not sure. He is very chatty. As for his ears, he still has not grown into it yet. Many here love his ears, hehe.
        May 8, 2017
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