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    I would like to know what is best for my cats

    I can understand your concerns completely. I think both cats would be fine, seeing as you are not separating just one from a home of four - they will have each other. If you could cat proof one of the balconies and make a sort of jungle gym then I think they would get along very well even with...
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    My cat gave birth to one kitten 7 hours ago and now nothing

    It's great that she is eating, but be careful. Cats are obligate carnivores and as such don't require fruits or veggies. While raspberries aren't toxic in small amounts, they aren't all that good for them either. Tuna should only ever be fed if it is encased in water not brine, the high salt...
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    Is it ok to let your cat heal after spaying with no cone or pet jacket??

    If she doesn't chew or lick at the stitches then she should be fine without it. But, as previously mentioned, the area probably won't start to itch or irritate her for a few more days yet, so don't get complacent.
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    my cat got neutered and is still bleeding

    It's not unusual for males to leave a few little bloody splotches around the place the first day after their neuter. However, there is a rather large blood vessel which flows to the testes and if this isn't tied properly during the procedure it could cause issues. As long as he is alert and...
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    My cat gave birth to one kitten 7 hours ago and now nothing

    You have two options. You can monitor her closely to make sure she's okay and wait until tomorrow to see if she passes anymore kittens overnight, which is entirely possible. Or you can take her to an afterhours/emergency vet and let them determine what might be causing the hold-up, such as a...
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    I need help

    If she's allowed to roam outdoors, then she is almost definitely pregnant and from your description she sounds rather far along. I would take her to a vet regardless for a check up and discuss a neutering plan.
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    Anal glands bleeding?

    There could be an infection in her anal glands. I would take her to the vet and get the glands expressed and then discuss the possibility of them being infected and perhaps a round of antibiotics. Until you get an appointment you can wipe the area gently with a soft tissue and some diluted...
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    Is Our Kitty A Bengal

    Others may say different, but from my experience I would say she's just a gorgeous mackerel tabby. Bengals usually have more of a leopard pattern. I have a mackerel tabby boy who is as wild as any Bengal, but he is just a rescue feral with strong instincts. Again, I could be wrong, just my opinion.
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    I saw this on my cats face, im on vacation and theres no vets around here we tried sending the vet the photo but they didnt know what that is.

    Legally vets have to examine the animal first before they can dispense certain medications or give diagnosis, otherwise it exposes them to potential law suits. We're not always out for your money, I promise :)
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    Need help with semi feral hairball problem

    One of my boys used to have trouble with hairballs. I introduced 1/4 tsp of raw egg yolk into his meal each day and the issue cleared entirely. I prefer not to feed the whites of the egg due to the avidin which can inhibit Vitamin B absorption. The egg yolk should balance this out but you would...
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    Umbilical cord and sexing questions

    I am also guessing boy. For the umbilical cord, be careful as infection readily enters this site if the cord comes off too soon. Try gently wiping the area with some diluted betadine a couple of times a day. The constipation is pretty common when introducing formula to young kittens, so try...
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    Please Help Me

    Contact the vet and ask for some kitten safe electrolytes. DO NOT just mix any random electrolytes or guesstimate dosage on your own. Increasing her electrolytes by mixing it in with some milk can help loosen her stool. Have you tried stimulating her with a warm wet cloth or tissue?
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    Vision impaired kittens

    Most kittens are pretty skittish - they are defenseless babies and so natural instinct makes them flighty. Lots of cuddles and nursing, allow yourself to giggle and laugh out loud while playing with a really fun toy such as a cat fly can help desensitize. I think you'll find many cats aren't...
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    Pregnant cat— ongoing questions

    Has she been on any parasite treatment before or during the pregnancy? If not, I would suggest contacting the vet about some deworming products and enquire which are safest for pregnant queens. It may also be a good idea to take in a stool sample for testing, in case its a parasite that isn't...
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    Male kitten and male cat?

    Definitely depends on the cats. I have two boys, one was neutered late (2, maybe 3 years old) before he came to me, and I introduced another male cat (12 week old neutered kitten) when he was around 16 years old. He hissed and snarled and swiped at the kitten for a little while but I took the...