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    Question of the Day: Tues. Dec.14, 2010

    I remember that! It wasn't as bad in Concord, where I live, as it was in Manchester. I had a wicked hard time getting to work that morning. I remember having to drive under a tree that was folded over the roadway from all the ice. NH also had a state of emergency in February of this year, for...
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    Went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Yesterday

    Actually this Harry Potter wasn't in 3D. It was supposed to be, but they canned it a month or 2 before. We saw it in Imax and it's DEFINITELY worth the extra money. There are certain movies I'll see in regular and there's certain ones in Imax, and Harry Potter in Imax is definitely a must!
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    Photo Contest Entry Thread: October - Cats+Box=FUN!

    Any time we take something out of a box, Namine is in it!
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    Do You Drink?

    Every weekend or so. I used to drink A LOT in college, but that was 4 years ago. Every so often my best friend will come down, and we'll drink a lot, but that doesn't really happen that much. My drink of choice right now is hard apple cider. It's so good!
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    Photo memory books online?

    I definitely vote Shutterfly. We just got our photobooks from our wedding in June, that we ordered for his aunt, my grandmother, and my grandparents. They are awesome! I love them! We got the 8x8, and it's about 40 pages in each, and I got them for roughly $20 each. They have deals all the time...
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    Strange wedding cakes

    Our wedding cake was definitely unique. It had two tiers, with layers of cupcakes, with black, orange, and purple for decorations (our colors were purple and orange) And the best part - our Nightmare Before Christmas cake topper!
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    Movies you can quote

    Step Brothers The Hangover Because I Said So .. and there's definitely more, but I can't think of them.
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    When did you move in with your partner or spouse?

    DH and I moved in together after about a year and 9 months of dating. I was graduating college and was not doing the long distance thing any more, and we decided to move to NH. 2 years after that, we got engaged, and we've now been married almost 2 months and August 29th will be 6 years of being...
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    Wii Fit?

    I have both EA Sports Active and Wii Fit. I think the Sports Active is better for losing weight. I really get a good workout by using that. I did the 30 day challenge on hard, and it was really good. Which reminds me, I need to start using it again!
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    Just about ready to buy a Dyson

    LOVE my Dyson and I will never go back to another vacuum again! I was very hesitant at first, because of the price. But with employee accommodations, we got the Dyson Slim model at a very good price. The first time I vacuumed I couldn't believe the crud that came up. We've had ours for about 4...
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    TCS baby meet up!

    Awww they are both so cute!!
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    Chris' (Snake_Lady) family could use some vibes - her dad died last night.

    I'm so sorry Chris You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers
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    I'm married!

    Me and my dad Our awesome Nightmare Before Christmas cake! First kiss as husband and wife! Beautiful flowers! Us!
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    I'm married!

    So I kinda fell off the radar here for a bit. I've been super busy, with a promotion at work, and the wedding planning I was doing. BUT I'm now married! We got married June 5, and it was the absolute most perfect day. There were supposed to be showers and thunderstorms, but it ended being...
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    What TV show is your "guilty little secret"?

    I saw that same episode! I turned it there while a commercial was on for another show I was watching, but I couldn't turn it off. Like you said, it was watching a train wreck. I couldn't BELIEVE that girl! She's like 4 or 5 years old, and has the attitude worse than a teenager. I would hate to...