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    Dry food options

    I have both an adult cat and kitten at home. The two dry foods I use are Natural Balance Original Whole Body and Nature's Variety Instinct food for kittens.
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    Do You Know Your Cats' History?

    Not in detail. Cali, now 2 YO was adopted from a foster home run by a woman who rescues kittens from kill shelters and adopts them out. Oliver, 7 1/2 months old was adopted from a rescue organization. When I inquired about Oliver's background, the woman just shrugged her shoulders and said...
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    Old Pictures Of Your Cats

    I found another old picture of another one of our former cats. This is Spenser, named after the TV detective of the series that was popular at the time we had him. Sadly, Spenser was hit by a car when he was only two years old. From then on I learned my lesson about keeping future cats indoors.
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    Sad News About Grandpa Mason

    Although this news was inevitable since he was suffering from advanced kidney disease, it is still heartbreaking to hear. This is turning out to be a sad year. First Grumpy Cat and now Grandpa Mason.
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    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Cali and Oliver taking their nap together.
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    Old Pictures Of Your Cats

    This is my previous cat Fluffy. I had to say goodbye to him several years ago at age 16.
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    Cat Crying

    The first question that comes to mind is is she spayed? Her crying may be her wanting to get out to find a mate. Also, the fact that a male cat is showing up at your door indicates to me that she is attracting male cats.
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    How Big Is Your Cat?

    I had to get out the measuring tape and my adult cat Cali is about 16 1/2 inches long. For Cali I use this carrier because I wanted something large enough for her to move around in and also I liked that it is top loading...
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    Festival of TOYS!! Post a photo of your kitten or cat with their latest or greatest favorite TOY!

    Cali enjoys these little sponge balls. As you can see, she likes to take them to bed with her. She'll also wake me up three in the morning with one such toy in her mouth to play.
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    pictures of Cats enjoying their cat trees

    Cali and Oliver on their tree.
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    Those With Adult Cats And Kittens, How Do You Feed Them?

    I have a two year old cat (Cali) and a kitten (Oliver) around 5 1/2 months. We've had the kitten since May and for a while kept the kitten isolated in one section of the house. This made feeding simple since both the cat and kitten were fed in separate isolated areas of the house. Just this...
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    Fancy Feast Naturals Vs Classic

    That's the situation with my adult cat Cali. She only eat FF cat food. She mostly gets the classic pate and likes just about all the flavors. However, when I tried the Gourmet Naturals on her, she just takes a few nibbles, if at all, then walks away.
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    Concerned About Safety Of Feather Toys.

    I have a couple of those chaser/wand toys with feathers attached among the many toys for my two cats. The problem I've noticed with these toys is that the feathers tend to easily become loose, especially with rough play. My concern is this may cause a choking hazard or other problems if...
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    New Kitten Harassing Resident Cat

    Thanks. I should have mentioned that they are only allowed together under my supervision.
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    New Kitten Harassing Resident Cat

    I've been a long time owner of cats for nearly my entire life. However, all my cats were solitary. It's only been the past few weeks that I've had my first experience with owning more than one cat. My resident cat Cali a two year old spayed female has been my only cat since late August 2017...