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We are excited to present's top 10 informational articles, ranked from the 10th most read to the top post.

Just like Netflix's highly anticipated rankings, these posts offer a glimpse into the information that resonated most with you, our valued readers.

Whether these posts are old friends or new discoveries, now's the perfect time to dive back into the standout content that clawed its way to the top of our "most read" list.

So, let's waste no time and uncover the articles that made their mark in our illustrious Top 10.

Ready, cat lovers? Here we go!

The number 10 for a countdown

Should You Trim Your Cat’s Back Claws?

Coming in at Number 10, we're starting strong. New cat owner? You want the best for your fluffy buddy.

Trim back claws

What's a big part of that? Nail trims! Front claws, back claws - all important.

Why? This post will tell you.

Learn why these trims matter. Grab great tips. See how it helps your cat's health.

Thousands of readers called this a game-changer. Want to join them? Click through to uncover why a trim is a win!

Read Our 10th Most Popular Post Here: Should You Trim Your Cat's Back Claws?

The number 9 for a countdown

What Breed Is Your Cat? Here’s How To Tell!

Sliding into Number 9 is a real head-scratcher. Ever looked at your cat and thought, "What's your story, buddy?" We've got you covered.

Cats talking to each other on a zoom meeting

Dive into the world of cat genetics with us. We're spilling secrets about your precious kitty's one-of-a-kind traits.

The burning question, "What breed is my cat?" is lighting up our cat breeds forum. Just like you, folks are curious.

Cats have so many features and so many looks. No wonder this topic's hot among cat owners.

Wondering if your cat's purebred or pedigreed? Don't just wonder – explore with us!

Read Our 9th Most Popular Post Here: What Breed Is Your Cat? Here's How To Tell!

The number 8

How To Fix An Unsuccessful Cat Introduction

Rolling into Number 8, we've got a lifesaver!

So, your cat introduction didn't go well? Don't stress, you're not the only one. We've got the secrets to fix it right here in this hot post.

two cats hilariously fighting on a bed

This guide is loaded with tips and tricks. It's all about turning things around and making peace at home for your furry family.

Find out why doing the introduction right is so important. Plus, learn step-by-step methods to get your cats friendly with each other.

Thousands have turned their hissing into purring with this post. Ready to join them? Click through for the lowdown.

Read Our 8th Most Popular Post Here: How To Fix An Unsuccessful Cat Introduction


How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching The Furniture

Coming in hot at Number 7, we're saving sofas and sanity alike!

A white cat is scratching up a rug

Is your furniture under a feline scratch attack? Don't worry! We're here to rescue you, and no, declawing isn't the answer.

Why do cats scratch? What are the right alternatives? How can you teach your kitty to use a scratching post?

Find all these answers and more in this top post. We've got handy tips, product suggestions, and more. So, save your furniture, and let your cat keep on scratching! Click through to find out how.

Read Our 7th Most Popular Post Here: How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching The Furniture

The number 6

4 Foolproof Ways To Prevent Your Cat From Darting Out The Door

Zooming into Number 6, it's time to put a halt to those escape attempts!

A cat is hanging on the doorknob to open it

Is your cat pulling a Houdini every time the door opens? You're not alone! We're here to take away that stress.

Why does your cat do this? How can you lower their outdoor lust and keep them safe inside? Our complete guide has the answers.

We've got everything from positive nudges to a bit of a scare strategy. Plus, hear from other cat owners from TheCatSite community.

So, don't let door-dashing leave you frazzled. Click on through now to create a safer and more exciting indoor space. Your escape artist won't know what hit them!

Read Our 6th Most Popular Post Here: 4 Foolproof Ways To Prevent Your Cat From Darting Out The Door

The number 5

Why Does My Cat’s Mouth Hang Open?

A funny cat has their mouth hanging open

Cat curiosity is peeking at Number 5! Ever caught your cat with their mouth hanging open? It's a funny sight, but why do they do it?

Our top post titled "Why Does My Cat’s Mouth Hang Open?" has the scoop.

This post is chock-full with info, explaining the mysterious Flehmen response and any health worries tied to this behavior.

Join thousands of others who've found their answers right here. Click through and close the case on your cat's open-mouth mystery.

Read Our 5th Most Popular Post Here: Why Does My Cat's Mouth Hang Open?

The number 4

Elevated Liver Enzymes In Cats – Should You Be Worried?

At Number 4, we're giving your worries a check-up!

cat at vet

Got questions about elevated liver enzymes in cats? We've got the answers in our hit post "Elevated Liver Enzymes In Cats – Should You Be Worried?"

Veterinary expert Dr. Letrisa Miller breaks down the what, why, and how of this condition.

Uncover how tests can spot health issues and get the 411 on conditions tied to these enzymes.

With the right care, your feline can bounce back from liver disease. Don't miss this key read! Click through for the full vet consultation.

Read Our 4th Most Popular Post Here: Elevated Liver Enzymes In Cats - Should You Be Worried?


The number 3

Are Your Cats Bonded? Here’s How to Tell

We're breaking into the top 3! Here's a fuzzy one for the soft hearts out there.

Cats are bonded

Ever wonder if your cats have a special bond? Our popular post "Are Your Cats Bonded? Here's How to Tell" has the inside scoop.

From cuddles to grooming, from frolics to funny antics, we're revealing the tell-tale signs of a deep cat connection.

If you're trying to figure out your furballs or just want a peaceful multi-cat home, you can't miss this gripping article.

Click through now! Learn the secrets of bonded cats and level up your feline friendship knowledge.

Read Our 3rd Most Popular Post Here: Are Your Cats Bonded? Here's How To Tell

The number 2

Why Does My Cat Lick My Face?

We're at Number 2 and things are getting personal! Got a kitty who's a bit obsessed with licking your face?

A cat is licking a woman's face

We've got the lowdown in our runner-up post: "Why Does My Cat Lick My Face? Understanding Feline Behavior."

Uncover why your cat's turning your face into a lollipop: Are they looking for attention? Showing love? Claiming you as theirs? Or is it a family thing?

Dive deep into the world of cat chatter and learn the secrets behind those grainy smooches.

Don't miss out on making sense of your cat's face fixation. Click through now, and make the most of your kitty connection!

Read Our 2nd Most Popular Post Here: Why Does My Cat Lick My Face?

The number 1

The Cat Cone: A Complete Owner’s Guide

And here we are, folks! We've clawed our way up to the Number 1 spot!

A cat is wearing a rainbow colored cat cone

Unwrap the ultimate guide to cat cones in our most popular post: "Everything You Need to Know About Cat Cones."

Got a kitty in need of a cone post-surgery or to stop some self-grooming gone too far? We've got your back.

Dive into the world of cones, from old-school plastic to plush fabric choices.

Wondering if your fur baby really needs that cone? We're exploring other options too, like post-surgical jackets and DIY cones.

Grab tips on getting your cat comfy with their cone. From mealtime to grooming, we've got it covered.

Click through now to keep your kitty safe, comfy, and cone-ready. Your feline friend's wellness is our top priority, so don't miss out!

Read Our #1 Most Popular Post Here: The Cat Cone: A Complete Owner's Guide

Reflecting On Our Top Ten: Let The Learning Continue!

And that's a wrap, folks! We've clawed our way through the cream of the crop of our informational content!

These standout posts have left a lasting paw print on our feline-focused community, seizing readers' hearts and minds.

Additionally, we want to express our deepest thanks to every one of you. You're the ones who helped these top 10 posts reach the pinnacle of purr-fection.

Now, it's over to you, our treasured readers, to let these enlightening articles go far and wide.

Read, share, and keep the magic of these top 10 posts alive and kicking. You're a vital part of, and for that, we thank you!

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