21 Photos Of Shoe-Obsessed Cats That Will Make You Laugh

Forget Carrie Bradshaw. When it comes to shoes, some of the most avid fans have four legs and whiskers. Yes, some cats go crazy for... shoes! And by shoes we mean footwear including sneakers, boots, sandals and even flip-flops. Over the years our members have shared evidence that some cats are totally obsessed with footgear and would feel right at home in any of Imelda Marcos's shoe rooms.

What is it about shoes that drives our cats crazy?

Could it be that they're showing us their political aspirations, remembering that Puss in Boots was the one to become the mayor of London? Or maybe they just heard that "for want of a shoe the horse was lost" and want to make sure that never happens to them? Either way, if the shoe fits - and even if it doesn't - cats take notice!

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Like this tabby who found a valuable sneaker. Looks like he's suspicious. Maybe because he knows shoes come in pairs. He's sticking around to make sure this one doesn't go anywhere on its own!

Well, this calico remained suspicious even when she found a pair of slippers. Apparently, some cats just can't find it in their heart to trust footwear.

Younger kittens are often baffled by shoes. First encounters require careful examination. Laces first, of course!

One shoe at a time is often safer. Only introduce the second shoe to your kitten once you see her completely relaxed with - or inside - the first one of the pair.

Here's what happens when you overwhelm kittens with too many shoes at once. Don't try this at home!

The problem with shoes is that they tend to make some cats very sleepy.

Who needs a fancy cat bed when there's an array of comfortable shoes and boots?

Nothing like a good shoe for sweet dreams! If it won't fit as a mattress, use it as a pillow!

If you're small enough, a single shoe is all you need as a cat bed! Well, you know what they say..If the shoe fits...

Ahhh there's nothing quite like snuggling up inside a boot for a much-needed rest!

And look at that! A perfect set of suede beds for two orange tabby kittens!

There's plenty to be done other than just watch over footwear or use it as beds. Some cats are connoisseurs of that exquisite aroma of used footwear.

Even a flip-flop is sniff-worthy!

Please help your cat keep his or her sniffing habits in check -

Some cats refuse to settle for sniffing and make the bold step of switching over to eating the shoe!

Nothing quite like a pair of gourmet sandals!

You should always check your boot for spiders. Or kittens. A boot can be an excellent hiding place for a kitten.

Unfortunately, some cats fail to realize getting inside boots is totally a "kitten thing". Sorry, pretty kitty. Even a high boot is not the right size for you!

No wonder this cat looks confused. He's trying to get inside footwear without realizing that, a. he's no longer a tiny kitten and b. flip-flops are not boots.

With some cats, it's really about the person who's filling the shoes.

Barefoot works just as well for these cats. Ouch!

But for most, it's the shoe. Definitely the shoe.

Or the shoebox.

"Did someone mention a box? Forget the shoes! We have a box!"

Let's face it, for many cats the box is the real deal. If you want to know why, check out our illustrated article 52 Reasons Why Cats Must Get Inside Boxes!

10 comments on “21 Photos Of Shoe-Obsessed Cats That Will Make You Laugh

Anne June 19, 2017
golondrina said:
Please, I don't see the 21 photos announced here. Can somebody tell me what to do? Many thanks.
We had an issue with the images not showing up right after we moved to the new server. That's been fixed since then. Sorry about the inconvenience!
dustydiamond1 May 8, 2017
golondrina said:
Please, I don't see the 21 photos announced here. Can somebody tell me what to do? Many thanks.
I can't see the pictures either
golondrina May 1, 2017
Please, I don't see the 21 photos announced here. Can somebody tell me what to do? Many thanks.
golondrina April 30, 2017
Cucumella will greet anyone visiting by sniffing and rubbing her head over their shoes or boots. The curious thing is that she never bothers with MY shoes. I used to think that she enjoyed the different smells from the "world outside" but once when I was unpacking some new shoes I had just bought she was delighted to rub her nose against them. I didn't know that cats were known to be obsesssed by shoes. I thought it was Cucumella's personal mania. We live and learn but cannot always understand what we learn.:confused2:
opieandspuds February 17, 2017
All are so cute!
2Cats4everLoved February 15, 2017
Love it.  They're all so sweet.  Shoe boxes were the favorite in our home. xo  So cute all of them.
tarasgirl06 February 15, 2017
The two orange tabby kittens in the moccies. *SPLORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT*
SeventhHeaven February 15, 2017
Hilarious!!  love the orange tabbies in slippers all so adorable 
mazie February 14, 2017
Very cute, and the captions are very clever!!

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