7 Shakespeare Quotes Matched Up With Beautiful Cat Pictures

Today marks 400 years since we bid goodbye to the genius, Shakespeare.

At TheCatSite.com, we're joining the worldwide celebration. We've picked seven of Shakespeare's best quotes. And guess what? We're sharing them with adorable cat pictures!

Why cats, you ask? Well, what other creature could match the charm of Shakespeare's words?

So let's dive in. Welcome to our unique Shakespurr Special!

Quote 1: Authenticity, According to Cats

"This above all: to thine own self be true."

And who better to exemplify this than a cat? Behold the first of our Shakespurr Special - an exquisite feline, epitomizing the essence of these powerful words.

Cat with quote

Just as Shakespeare urged us to be true to ourselves, cats are champions of authenticity. They are independent, unique, and fiercely themselves.

Cats teach us the value of staying true to our nature. So, embrace your inner cat - be yourself unapologetically!

Quote 2: Cats, Dreams, and The Joy of Sleep

"We are such as dreams are made on, rounded with sleep."

Ah, Shakespeare and cats - a match made in heaven! The second quote in our Shakespurr Special captures the sweet slumber of our feline companions. Their peaceful snoozing embodies the tranquillity in these poetic words.

Shakespeare cat

Our feline friends surely know the joy of sleep and dreams. After all, who doesn't love a cozy catnap?

Cats remind us that dreams and rest are as essential to life as work and play. So, take a cue from these dreamy kitties, and let yourself enjoy some well-deserved rest.

Quote 3: Cats, Music, and Love

"If music be the food of love, play on."

Our Shakespurr Special continues with this timeless Shakespearean quote. And what's more enchanting than a cat basking in the rhythm of life itself?

Shakespeare quotes with cats

Cats may not play instruments, but their purrs are music to our ears. They remind us that love can take many forms, like a soft nudge or a purring melody.

So, take a page from our feline friends' book: let the music of love play on in your life. Enjoy each note, each purr, and each moment of love.


Quote 4: Cats, Comfort, and Contentment

"I like this place, and willingly could waste my time in it."

The next installment of our Shakespurr Special delivers a cat embodying this Shakespearean sentiment. This content kitty perfectly represents the joy of being in a place you love.

Shakespeare cat and quote

Cats have a knack for finding their perfect nook - a sunny spot, a cozy blanket, or your warm lap. Their comfort radiates contentment and joy.

Let's learn from our cats: cherish the places you love, and don't hesitate to "waste" your time enjoying them. After all, time enjoyed is never time wasted!

Quote 5: Cats and the Gift of Unsought Love

"Love sought is good, but given unsought better."

As we continue our Shakespurr Special, here's a cat showcasing Shakespeare's wisdom about love. Cats, with their independent spirits, are masters of giving unsought love.

One moment, they might appear aloof, the next, they're showering you with affection.

Shakespeare quote about love

Our feline friends remind us that love doesn't always need to be sought. Sometimes, it just happens - in a surprise cuddle, a purr, or a gentle rub.

Embrace these unexpected moments of love, just as you would a sudden kitty cuddle.

Quote 6: Cats and Nature's Wonders

"Nature hath framed strange fellows in her time."

Here's another gem from our Shakespurr Special. This cat perfectly embodies Shakespeare's words about nature's peculiar creations.

Cats, with their unique quirks and behaviors, truly are some of nature's "strange fellows".

Nature Shakespeare quote cats

Quote 7: Cats and the Mystery of Becoming

"We know what we are now but not what we may become."

Closing our Shakespurr Special, we present a cat that perfectly symbolizes Shakespeare's reflection on growth and potential. Just like kittens that grow into majestic cats, we too are on a journey of becoming.

Shakespeare quote and kittens

Cats are remarkable creatures, starting as tiny furballs and growing into unique beings with distinct personalities. They teach us that growth is a part of life and that the future holds endless possibilities.

Embracing Feline Wisdom: Concluding the Shakespurr Special

Reflecting on the Shakespurr Special, we're reminded of the insightful connection between Shakespeare's words and our adorable feline companions. These quotes, accompanied by delightful cat photos, offer us valuable lessons that are both timeless and relatable.

Cats, with their unique personalities and funny habits, perfectly embody the wisdom Shakespeare shared centuries ago. They teach us important life lessons that are surprisingly simple yet profound.

Let's take a moment to recap some of these lessons.

First, be true to yourself like a cat, embracing your authenticity without fear. Second, cherish the love that comes naturally, not just the love we actively seek. Third, find comfort in the places and moments that bring you joy. Fourth, be open to unexpected love and affection, just as cats offer it freely.

Moreover, we can learn from cats to celebrate our quirks and embrace our individuality. Lastly, let's look forward to the future with excitement, recognizing that we are on a journey of growth and transformation.

In the end, both Shakespeare's words and our feline companions invite us to pause, reflect, and find beauty in the world around us. So, let's take a moment to appreciate the insights they offer, and may their wisdom continue to inspire us on our own unique journeys.

What do you think? Which is your favorite quote and do you feel it matches the photo? Let us know in the comments section!


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pushylady April 28, 2016
Well done! I really enjoyed those and thought they matched purrfectly!
camillel April 27, 2016
BEAUTIFUL.  I love them all :)
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This is great!  
donutte April 24, 2016
Reading this was almost zen-like. Thank you for putting this together, Anne
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Hahahahahaha! The pictures really fit the quotes!
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ohhh, so cute.. I love these!  

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