52 Reasons Why Cats Must Get Inside Boxes

Have you ever noticed the magnetic pull a simple cardboard box has on our feline friends?

It's as if boxes are the feline equivalent of a spa retreat, a little haven that calls to them, 'Come, sit, contemplate life.'

From the tiniest kittens to the grandest of old-timers, no cat can resist the siren call of an unattended box. In this whimsical collection of 52 photographs, we explore the humor and charm of cats in boxes.

Each image provides another hilarious reason why cats simply must claim every box they see.

1. Because the box was too big -

2. Because the box was too small -

3. Because the box was too empty -

4. Because the box was way too full -

5. Because you just needed a nap -

6. Because you wanted to hang out with your buddy -

7. Because you wanted to hang out with ALL of your buddies!

8. Because you felt like hiding -

9. Because you felt like hiding AND swatting at humans passing by -

10. Because you needed a place to contemplate the meaning of life, the universe and everything -

11. Or a secret hideout where you can plot your revenge on the vet.

12. With your buddies of course!

13. Because you wanted to hide away from that nosy dog -

14. Or your nosy sister.

15. Because it was full of fun crinkly newspapers -

16. Because it was full of soft fluffy stuff -

17. Because it was full of lots and lots and lots of really soft and fluffy stuff!

18. Because the box brings out the green in your eyes -

19. Because it just really brings out the green in your eyes (even if your eyes are not green)!

20. Because no matter what color your eyes are a box can really frame your eyes in a picture -

21. Or your nose -

22. Or your tail!

23. Because it's how you can get your manicure done -

26. Because you look awesome in pink -

27. Because orange is the new black -

28. Because your toys were right next to the box -


29. Because your toys were right in the box -

30. Because you wanted to feel what it was like to be Tinkerbell!

31. Because you wanted to see what it feels like to be square -

32. Because nobody else was doing it and you wanted to set a new trend -

33. Because everyone else is doing it -

34. And it's always in fashion -

34. Because the box tasted so good -

35. Because it tasted sooo good and you just couldn't stop!

36. Because it didn't really taste that good but the chewed-up pieces were the perfect addition to the room decor -

37. Because the hamster got a new wheel, so you had to at least get the box it came in -

38. Because you're a Pepsi kind of cat -

39. Because you hate Pepsi and only go for Coca Cola -

40. Because the box said "Priority" and you know you're the number one priority in this household.

41. Because the box said "Special Kitty" and that was obviously you -

42. Because you always wanted to see the beach and the box said "Malibu" -

43. Because you wanted to feel safe and the box said "Secur" (sic).

44. Because you were hungry and the box said "tuna" -

45. Because the box told you to get inside it. It said "just do it", so you had no choice -

46. Because the box just jumped on you and made you get inside it -

47. Because an evil force flattened the poor box and you had to try and get inside just one last time, to pay your respects -

48. Because you're a tabby -

49. Because you're white -

50. Because you're black -

51. Because you're a tri-colored cat -

52. Because "tomato, tomahto", it doesn't matter what color you are. If you're a cat, you want to get in that box!

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35 comments on “52 Reasons Why Cats Must Get Inside Boxes

Margot Lane June 30, 2023
Ooohhhh.Right. THAT’s why!
tarasgirl06 June 30, 2023
I thought I'd missed these. I hadn't. It was great revisiting them, though -- thanks!
Neko-chan's mama June 19, 2021
#53 Because your humans just moved and you have to help them unpack. When we moved last month, every time we started unpacking a new box, Neko-chan had to jump in.
FlufficaMagnyffica February 22, 2018
roserivers said:
fantastic photos. We can't do that, put a box there for them to climb in, Kai uses it as a litter tray immediately. so we constructed a tunnel, 7 boxes long, to run through, hide in and sleep in, and a three storey house, 3 boxes, 2 boxes, 1 box, with windows and doorways. Fun for them both. Takes up loads of room but who's worrying?
One year when we were making money we did a crazy and bought a 10ft high cat tree (well over 2 metres) with platforms, hammocks, cottages, and scratch pillars. Out of our 6 cats one occasionally uses it. One uses it to reach top shelf bookcase. All 6 adored the box. It cost £100 on Ebay ($150) yes I know wicked.
FlufficaMagnyffica February 22, 2018
Absolutely purrfect - witty, insightful and fun. Not just the standard silly but cute cat captions, very good quality. Well done.
golondrina May 30, 2017
 Couldn'tget the photo in.
msmamakat1 March 12, 2017
I have a (2ft long by 12"x14") mailbox box. So you know what I'm gonna say... My cat sleeps in that box when it's storming... (lightening and thunder).
msmamakat1 March 12, 2017
I love a good laugh and this was just what I needed! Thank you for this!
felinluvr February 2, 2017
This is adorable!!  Made my day.  I used to save boxes just for them, and they LOVED them! 
sunflour January 27, 2017
Just too cute for words :)
KatKnapper January 27, 2017
FYI...if you have Amazon's Echo "Alexa," search the skill list in the app for "Box of Cats" or ask Alexa about it by title. Enjoy!  Oh, on a cautionary note...if your cat or cats are territorial against outside intruders maybe forget I mentioned this.  The sounds Alexa makes aren't impersonations, but recordings of real cat MEOWS.
KatKnapper January 27, 2017
Now I totally understand why the Vet said, "Oh he's a box cat (he wouldn't leave the weight scale tray).  Find me a box or shallow pail, please?"  Wait...why on earth did I just spend $9 bucks for four paper grocery bags that smell like catnip???  Because it's for the box cat?  Maybe he likes paper bags too?  Oh noes, the box cat is controlling my thoughts when I shop!!!  Hey!  This the best answer ever to the mystery of the box cat.  The photos are totally awesome!!!  - Thanks ;-D
roserivers January 26, 2017
fantastic photos. We can't do that, put a box there for them to climb in, Kai uses it as a litter tray immediately. so we constructed a tunnel, 7 boxes long, to run through, hide in and sleep in, and a three storey house, 3 boxes, 2 boxes, 1 box, with windows and doorways. Fun for them both. Takes up loads of room but who's worrying?
aliens January 13, 2017
This is so funny, and the cats are adorable
SeventhHeaven January 8, 2017
This was purfect! Well done kitties <3
alinatitov December 16, 2016
OMG! so cute, I came to see a question and i winde up here, this is so cute. My cat does this all the time, I never knew it was natural.
seekere71 October 30, 2016
so true. nearly ALL kitties or cats LOVE boxes. mine are box fiends. they seem to have WAAAYYY too much fun with them. wait a minute, can u EVER have too much fun with a box?
supergirl September 24, 2016
Hilarious! Just today, Cotton had the time of her life jumping in, out and all over my new Ikea boxes! 
Alicia88 August 27, 2016
I bought Connor and Murphy a $50 scratching post.  They ignored for 2 hours after I got it set up becausae they were too busy playing with the box.
leen and alice August 16, 2016
engine4154 August 7, 2016
lol--Clyde made it here twice! Love it, thanks!
Margret August 7, 2016
Is that a Snow Sokoke in the tomato box? Whatever it is, it's gorgeous.
Margret August 7, 2016
The manicure one is giving me ideas....   Don't worry, if I try it I won't tell Jasmine it was your idea.
katnissthekitty August 6, 2016
Cute and hilarious!!
beardrinksbeer July 28, 2016
thank you  :)
Mamanyt1953 July 16, 2016
I'm going to be moving to a downstairs apartment within a couple of months, and I'm starting to pack some items I don't use often.  I spend as much time digging Hekitty OUT of the boxes as I do putting items IN the boxes!
rickr July 16, 2016
So funny....and true!
punkysmom July 15, 2016
  Loved this. What a beautiful way to start my morning. Thank you!  
segelkatt July 13, 2016
My cats ignore boxes, does that make them weird? If I put any of them in a box they'll be out of there so fast you only see a blur and it does not matter if the box was large or small. Now drawers or baskets............... But I love the pictures and have had cats that did like boxes, usually the smaller, the better if the cat was bigger than the box and had to stuff itself into the box.
margd July 13, 2016
I love these photos.  That one of the nose peeking out the hole in the box made me grin from ear to ear.  
cassiopea July 12, 2016
Haha, that is cute ~ 
tarasgirl06 July 12, 2016
I think that we've probably done all 52 of these at one time or another.  Plus. ;)
mazie July 12, 2016
Very entertaining
foxxycat July 12, 2016
This is soo funny!! All my cats love getting inside something.
Draco July 12, 2016
OMG The greatest thing I've seen in a long time!!! Too cute!!

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