12 Authentic Photos That Expose Cats As Aliens (the Last One Will Shock You!)

Are you a SciFi fan? Forget The Martian. The real story may be hiding in your very home! You are a cat owner, aren't you? Well, you may have heard this before: cats are actually aliens from outer space.

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Every once in a while, their true nature is captured on camera and their extraterritoriality is revealed when their eyes show their true form, that of laser eyes. Fortunately, TCS members have shared the proof here over the years, and we share it here.

1. This kitten was too young to hide its alien nature.

2. This tuxedo is presenting a unique version where one eye operates a yellowish laser and the other a blue laser. We suspect that means he's from a binary planet.

3. This black cat, caught with his eyes set on bright enough to send code signals as far away as the Andromeda galaxy.

4. The most innocent of felines can reveal its true nature under the right lighting!

5. Who's that, lurking in the shadows on the shelf? Or, maybe the question is "What is that..."?

6. Everyone knows aliens like to lurk. So do cats. (Shown in this picture: another cat from a binary planet, this time lurking).

7. Climbing up on top of a shelf, or a cat tree never fails to bring out the light in a disguised Reptilian's eyes.

8. Point in case: lurking in a cat condo on top of a cat tree:

9. And another one...

10. Oh no! They come in pairs too! Now, that's a bona fide invasion right there!

11. Doesn't have to be a faux cat tree either. This alien shines the light from a branch of a real tree. Is it me or does this particular specimen only have one eye??

12. Check out this last piece of evidence.

This is not photoshopped! This alien cat really did shoot laser beams out of her laser eyes! Oh, and she's lurking too!

Ok, ok, so cats are not really aliens and this piece is just to make you laugh about the funny way in which feline eyes reflect light. You can read more about cat eyes here - Your Cat’s Eyes and Vision

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10 comments on “12 Authentic Photos That Expose Cats As Aliens (the Last One Will Shock You!)

novathekittycat January 15, 2016
This is adorable <3
segelkatt November 25, 2015
har har har har har har har har har   I am about to fall off my chair heh heh heh heh going into hysterics                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     THUMP
catwoman=^..^= November 17, 2015
These are the cutest! Earlier I had taken a bunch of photos of my kitty with my cell phone and most of her eyes are glowing...... Oh oh! LOL! I remember when I first got online years and years ago the joke was that cats are really aliens in disguise! I guess it's come full circle.....
raysmyheart November 16, 2015
The captions with these photos are just too funny!  Perfect!  The second photo is the greatest!  
mom - cat November 15, 2015
So cool - and I thought all this time I just didn't know what I was doing with the camera!  LOL
raysmyheart November 13, 2015
I have heard suggestions, but this is sure proof that cats are from many miles away!  (I am still laughing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
grizzlysapien November 5, 2015
@Anne I was almost certain that I had posted that same photo in the past, but it seems I hadn't. If this isn't proof that they do live among us, I don't know what is..! The truth IS out there! 
magiksgirl November 5, 2015
Woooow! So eye-opening (pun intended)! hahahaha [emoji]9829[/emoji].[emoji]9829[/emoji]   @Columbine Is that Asha, our friendly TCS poltercat!? =O
Anne November 5, 2015
Ooooh thank you for sharing more evidence @GrizzlySapien ! I've marked it for a future installment! 

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