17 Hilarious Photos Of Adorable Cats Going Undercover

Get ready, cat aficionados and fans of undercover antics! Ever wondered what your furry friend is up to during those mystifying daylight hours? We have 17 hilarious photos of adorable cats going undercover that you will absolutely love.

Step into the realm of feline subterfuge.

That ordinary blanket you see? To your cat, it's an exciting world of possibilities, a magical costume, a hidden refuge, or even a ticket to a thrilling game of pretend espionage.

Each cat has an inner James Bond, itching to embark on a secret mission - a "purr-suit" of the impossible.

Feast your eyes on 17 of the bravest TCS (The Cat Spy) agents caught - tails, paws, and all - right in the epicenter of excitement.

Some masterfully concealed, others believing they are, and a few succumbing to the sweet lure of sleep!

Captivating Cuties Cuddling Undercover

Watch out! Operation Peek-a-Boo is at full throttle with our orange-and-white operative, expertly blending in with a blue quilt...ahem, battlefield!

Orange and white kitty peeking out from a blue comforter

Say hello to Agent Orange Tabby, launching a surprise attack from his tartan hideaway. Plaid has never been so dangerously cute!

Orange tabby underneath a red plaid blanket

Quiet now! Adorable Agent Fluff pulls off a classic 'Peek-Under-The-Blanket' trick with absolute grace. Stealth and cuteness in harmony!

A sweet kitty hiding under a comforter

Meet Agent Mosaic, a master of disguise, his hues of brown, black, and white intertwined! Deceptive eyes and paws peeping out from beneath a blue fortress - you're in his cute line of sight!

Cutie Alert! Our youngest operative, Licorice Dot, is honing the craft of undercover cuteness, nestled under a warm, creamy blanket. Who can resist that gaze?

black kitten with white on feet peeking out under a blanket


Double the delight! Agent Orange Tabby and his partner-in-crime steal the show. Covert cuddles are twice as fun with a furry friend!

Two precious kitties are peeking out under the blanket

Even top agents need rest! Agent Smokey Fluff falls prey to sleep mid-mission, proving that snuggly blankets are indeed... secret sleep magnets!

A grey and white kitty is hiding under a blanket and fell asleep

Introducing Agent Midnight Swish - the master of everything covert, save for his fashion-forward white-tipped tail. A precious blunder in the realm of feline espionage!

A black kitty is hiding under the blanket but the tail is sticking out.

Agent Velvet Paw is ready for duty! A master of stealth who couldn't resist a sneak peek. His cute white paw betrays him - a tiny faux pas in an otherwise flawless operation!

A black kitty is hiding under a blanket and the paw is sticking out

Agent Fluffy Purr's mission - to capture cuteness - is hijacked by a plush blanket, leading to an irresistibly cute nap!

A fluffy brown kitty is hiding under a blanket but fell asleep

Adorable Agents Undercover

Meet Agent Silver Shadow! His body merges with a blue towel, but oh, that tail and backside! Covert operations are tricky, but cuteness? Nailed it!

A grey cat is lying underneath a blue blanket

Agent Tiny Purrfection reporting! Expertly ensconced under a pillow, peeping out with irresistible eyes. This proves the best things do come in small packages!

A tiny kitty is peeking out from under a pillow

Greet Agent Ginger Fluff, who believes rugs are the new hiding spots! With a tail on one side and head on the other, he's turning 'undercover' on its head! Are you enjoying these photos of adorable cats? We certainly are!

Kitty hiding under a door rug

Meet Agent Grey Puff in her transparent fortress! The illusion of invisibility aside, she's setting a new standard in cute espionage from within her comforter bag. Clearly, she's got this hiding thing down pat!

Kitty hiding in a comforter packaging

Say hello to Agent Stealth Bump, a champ at blending in...bar that adorable bump! Is it a pillow? A toy? No, it's our cunning kitty making sure cuteness is never concealed!

A kitty is hiding under a blanket

Get ready for a cuteness overload! Agent Kitten Cuddle turns her cat tree into a cuddle-central base. Espionage has never been so fuzzy, warm, and outrageously adorable!

A kitten is in a basket under a blanket on a cat tree

Agent Tiny Shadow, all tucked in and ready for a flurry of cuteness action from his cozy, red blanket base. Watch out, world - this kitty spy wraps up his missions with irresistible charm!

A black kitten is cuddled in red blankets

Bonus Photos: The Hilarious Blunders Of Our Feline Spies

Now, let us introduce Agent Sienna Snooze, initially on a covert mission, only to succumb to the irresistible allure of the blanket.

What began as a hiding spot swiftly turned into a peaceful slumber. It appears that sleep takes precedence over stealth!

A sweet brown kitty is snuggled under a blue blanket photos of adorable cats

Say hello to Agent Topsy-Turvy, the master of upside-down espionage! Peek-a-boo, we spot you under that blanket - a purrfect blend of cuteness and mystery!

a kitty peeking out under a blanket - photos of adorable cats

Agent Fluffy Dreamer reporting for duty...or not!

This precious grey and white feline embarked on a mission under the blanket, but the call of a nap proved too strong to resist. A spy mission transformed into a sleep mission - undeniably adorable!

a kitty taking a nap - photos of adorable cats

Introducing the comedic relief of our feline spy team - Agent Curtain Crasher! Who knew curtains could serve as a hideout?

However, with his entire body protruding from the drapes, he redefines the concept of "hide and seek." This a classic case of "hide-in-plain-sight" gone hilariously awry!

cat hiding under a blanket - photos of adorable cats

Equip Your Feline Spies With Ample Blankets For Undercover Operations

We hope you've thoroughly enjoyed this purr-fectly adorable journey into the covert lives of our feline companions.

Aren't they a hoot with their clever little stunts?

If these pictures brought as much delight to you as they did to us, we encourage you to share your own stories or, even better, pictures of your own undercover cats.

Let's spread joy and laughter because the world can never have too many furry spies!

Spread The Joy And Laughter With Your Own Stories And Pictures

Remember, as the guardians of these secret agents, it's our responsibility to provide ample blankets for their undercover operations. After all, it's never too early to begin their training!

So, keep those cameras ready, share the laughter, and let the cuteness prevail! The adventures of our furry spies continue, and the world eagerly awaits their next undercover caper. We hope you enjoyed these photos of adorable cats "under cover".


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22 comments on “17 Hilarious Photos Of Adorable Cats Going Undercover

JadaLovesHerCatPatchouli! June 28, 2023
I love this cute pics!<3 (^•.•^)
Jamie Johnson April 24, 2023
These are all so great!! Purr-fect way to start the week!! Thanks!!
Morehappawness March 24, 2022
This is so cute.
Rombiee11 July 21, 2019
GreyLady March 6, 2019
This is so cute... something neither of my cats ever do, though. They like to sleep on top of them.
ramscici September 19, 2018
Such an amazing article! Here’s my agent, barely trying to hide.
    Jamie Johnson April 24, 2023
    Sooo cute!!
Firetail August 25, 2018
SOOOOOOOO cute! my cat just hides in a box and awaits that unfortunate moment when I put something in there. Or when my toes are in reach.
Candybee May 15, 2018
Okay that was serious cuteness overload! LOL
raysmyheart January 15, 2018
snowpawprint said:
my kitty hides on the windowsill behind the curtains,but her cover is blown when we go outside...
This is too funny! I burst out laughing!
snowpawprint January 6, 2018
my kitty hides on the windowsill behind the curtains,but her cover is blown when we go outside...
raysmyheart January 5, 2018
We must be mistaken. I don't see any cats!? :lol: Actually, I love the hiding cats, they think they are amidst a real adventure, it seems. My Speedy has a little, inexpensive felt rug that she goes crazy hiding under. I just have to be extra careful to keep her little rug off limits for me to step on because she is too good at hiding sometimes. All the cats are gorgeous in these photos and I see familiar faces! :heartshape: That is awesome!!:heartshape:
calico man January 4, 2018
And they just THINK they are hiding...!!!
catwoman=^..^= January 3, 2018
These are the most superest duperest photos! First class spies all the way!
Brian007 January 2, 2018
 Snug as a bug in a rug.
betsygee January 2, 2018
margecat said:
I love the black tail sticking out (and Smedley has a white tip on his black tail). I love it when cats try to hide, but leave a body part showing. Loki (I miss him so much) used to wait until we changed the bed sheets, and would jump in under the fitted bottom sheet. I used to call him "Loch Ness Kitty", as the sheet had humps in it like the famous photo of the Loch Ness Monster!
That's my Ozzy with the tail sticking out. Too cute.
Rennie72 January 2, 2018
Love the pictures!
margecat December 31, 2017
I love the black tail sticking out (and Smedley has a white tip on his black tail). I love it when cats try to hide, but leave a body part showing. Loki (I miss him so much) used to wait until we changed the bed sheets, and would jump in under the fitted bottom sheet. I used to call him "Loch Ness Kitty", as the sheet had humps in it like the famous photo of the Loch Ness Monster!
betsygee December 30, 2017
These are great! :clap:
dustydiamond1 December 30, 2017
So pleased to see our girl Gypsy (#7):bliss: Thanks for her inclusion. :catlove:
tarasgirl06 December 28, 2017
Thank you for calling our beloved Rani angel (#15) a pro. She certainly was. :happycat:

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