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  1. homoki2002

    Warming Up Sub Q Fluids

    With the help of this wonderful site I've been giving our baby her sub q fluids now for several months. She just got a vet visit and our vet said she was doing really well. We need to keep on the fluids but we have been using one of those neck warmer kind of things I think with little beads or...
  2. PushPurrCatPaws

    Anemic Cat Won't Eat

    Oh, I misunderstood. I missed the IV versus sub-q variation, and thought she wasn't given fluids at all. :hugs:
  3. FeebysOwner

    Update On Neil And His Health

    ...and give you some first hand information you can look through these previous TCS threads for some guidance? Search Results for Query: sub-Q fluids | TheCatSite Also, if you aren't aware of this web site, it might be helpful - although I am not sure what level of heart failure involvement you...
  4. iloveferals

    Anemic Cat Won't Eat

    I don't know why she won't do the IV fluids. She just does the sub q fluids and sends her home. On the first day there, I asked for IV fluids, and the tech said it was too late in the afternoon. I wanted to take her in early Tuesday morning to do IV fluids, but the vet insisted on doing sub q...
  5. Sarthur2

    Pregnant Cat - How Far Along????

    ...It could also mean that she ate something that is disagreeing with her tummy. Has she eaten anything unusual? If she continues vomiting, she may need sub-q fluids or an anti-emitic. You can give her clear unflavored pedialyte instead of water in her bowl in the meantime. Keep an eye on her.
  6. Jem

    Cat Losing Weight Blood Ok Cause?

    She probably looks dehydrated because she is (until it starts to absorb a few hours later). With sub-Q fluids, I'm sure you noticed that the fluids can form a "sack" or "pouch", wherever fluid pooled. The weight of the pouch could be pulling on the skin in a way that it makes her dehydration...
  7. tarasgirl06

    Krista's Care

    I always try to be on the optimistic/hopeful side, but you know Krista and you're undoubtedly right. Have you asked her vet about administering sub-Q at home? I learned how, and it made a big difference for our beloved Moti girl, who had CRF.
  8. Seattlefem51

    My 9 Year Old Male Cat

    My sweet 9 year old male indoor cat named Harry over last 2 weeks has stopped eating normally and drinking water. He was prior to me bringing him to vet peeing a lot in the litter box and crying after he got done. He stopped eating as much this week so the vet made a house call. Vet gave him sub...
  9. stephanietx

    Has anyone who had a cat stop eating ever had it end well?

    ...digestive tract. He started vomiting and refused to eat. Got him to the vet for an x-ray to rule out blockage and to get some meds and sub-q fluids. He didn't improve after bringing him home, so he went back to the vet for a couple of days, started eating and has been perfectly fine for a few...
  10. B

    Diarrhea Not Eating

    She’s still not eating, I gave her some baby food just now via syringe, hoping she eats dinner.. Vet visit was $420 big ones, x-ray, blood, sub q fluids with anti nausea, took home anti diarrhea meds I’m hesitant on the metronidazole if it takes away appetite
  11. W

    Feline Distemper treatment

    ...a protocol for parvo puppies, for owners who can't afford to hospitalize the pup. It involves a certain amount (depends on the size) of sub-q fluids (or oral Pedialyte if injections are not possible) given frequently, glucose, potassium, and anti-emetics. Plus antibiotics to prevent a...
  12. Sarthur2

    Hello Everyone

    Is he any better now? If not, he may need sub-q fluids from the vet. You’ll need to let the vet know how sick the vaccines made him before he gets anymore. He may be allergic to something in one of the vaccines, or they may need to give him anti-nausea meds next time.
  13. D

    So Worried About My Foster Kittens

    ...sample was negative. Bloodwork showed dehydration and white blood cell count on the low end. She put them on Amoxicillin and they got sub-q fluids two days in row. Still took about three more days for the stools to firm up, but I'm happy to say they are back to the crazy kittens they were...
  14. Maria Bayote

    So Worried About My Foster Kittens

    Good news! You did great!
  15. Jem

    Sub-q Fluids

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone who does sub-q fluids (kidney disease) has ever noticed that it takes longer for the fluid to absorb if it goes in the front leg. Been doing fluids for quite some time and last night about 2/3rds of the fluid went down his front right leg and its the first time...
  16. D

    Where To Buy Supplies For Short Line/syringe Sub Q Fluids For Cat?

    I am having to give our cat fluids through a short line with a syringe and can't find a site that sells these supplies. The vet will only give us one or two more lines (friend helped me find this method). I actually saw a you tube video where the vet used a butterfly line and a syringe...do you...
  17. M

    Sassy - 17yr Old Cat - Appetite Issue (early Ckd)

    and yes definitely will ask about the sub-q fluids. But isn't that if she's dehyrdated? Because shes not throwing up water...well not this week at least and shes drinking plenty of water past few days as well?
  18. ameliashuman


    Bun and creantine all dropped to normal levels, which is a first since February (his annual visit, though he was starting to throw up around then, vet thought it was a good allegry). Still on the higher end of normal, but normal. So I'm not sure what to think about that decrease, though I like...
  19. basschick

    Krista's Care

    needles horrify me. luckily my husband isn't as weirded out about them because we do sub-qs as well as B12 although years ago when we first started giving HK sub-q fluids, we both shuddered our way through the process. HK gets the B12 every 4 to 5 days, btw.
  20. sjoh197

    Has Anyone Dealt With This?

    He's on antibiotics and had sub-q fluids and pedialyte. He's eating great and his poops seem normal. We're trying to tackle the URI first, and also the bleeding in his eyes. I'm just hoping I can help him get better :(