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    Urinary issues x2 - potential of a Idiopathic Cystitis diagnosis

    Thanks for the thoughts/ideas, I'll try to answer all the questions! :) I'm fairly certain bloodwork was done (I have left them at the vet's office while I'm at work, so they can be examined/tested). The bloodwork, in conjunction w/ the urinalysis, is why we are going the route of antibiotics...
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    Urinary issues x2 - potential of a Idiopathic Cystitis diagnosis

    I'm back, and with a very crummy problems x2! :( Hugo & Holden have been with me since June 2012. They are 4 1/2 y/o neutered male Siamese mix brothers (front declawed). They were born in my house to Eden, a rescue off TCS and eventual foster failure (she lives w/ my parents at their house)...
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    Can my Freya get some vibes?

    I'm just now getting time to catch up on this thread. I was deeply saddened to read the results of the biopsy, I've always adored Freya & all her extra toes. Sounds like so far she's been having good days. :vibes: for you all
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    Deaf/blind kitten?

    Awww....he's adorable!!! I :heart2: white cats!!! A good test for deafness is to bang some pans together in another room (or on another side of the room he's in) & gauge his reaction. You have to be careful to not be close enough that he can feel the air movement from whatever you do to make...
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    Castiel Cumbercat that last pic! :love: I'm sorry he was diagnosed w/ renal failure so young, but hopefully it can be managed as well as my Fafeena's and you can have many good years yet
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    Inappropriate peeing after vacation

    Welcome to TCS! :wavey: If the problem persists, a vet visit to rule out any health issues may be in order. Sometimes stress can trigger a UTI (urinary tract infection). The stress of your family going on vacation may have caused a UTI. Many cats w/ UTIs will pee outside the box. Make sure...
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    Declawed cat is acting strange...

    I'd also say have the vet take another look at her, just to be sure. I have a 9 y/o Himi who is declawed also (rescue). She's finicky about her litter & litterbox types, I actually rotate or she'll start having more 'out of the box' moments. She *has* to have a box in the basement, and even...
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    Anyone find a super-tall (cat, not dog proof) doorway gate?

    I have two cheap screen doors that I've installed in two spots in my house. I bought them in Menards for like $15-20 (one was wider to fit a wider doorway). They're just wooden frames really, but work just fine to keep cats in/out of places.
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    My cat hates me

    Having had to medicate Lola (seizures) her entire life, twice a day, I know the feeling. :( A normally cuddly cat who no longer wants to socialize is heartbreaking. What does Mr Grey take as a 'positive' thing, if he doesn't like treats? Combing? Is there a certain canned food, or dry...
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    Two in two months

    I can't imagine losing two so close together like that :hugs: Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, babies :angel: :angel:
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    ugh how do i keep crazy dachshund out of cat litter?

    I have a small dog who likes "kitty crunchies" also. :cringe: I've baby-gated my litterboxes in a bedroom so she cannot get to them. Another thing I've done that keeps her out of the boxes is to use an 18 gal rubbermaid tub w/ a hole cut in the lid as a 'top entry' litterbox.
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    Cat Doesn't Want To Go Outside Anymore

    Whenever you have a major behavior change, I always tell people to err on the side of caution. A vet visit may be in order, just to ensure it was simply that he got 'spooked' by something outdoors, rather than some sort of health problem.
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    Cat Shelter Question

    It's also possible for some reason your emails are going into the junk folder, we'e had that happen at the shelter here. They are purrfectly fine emails, but for some reason the email itself deems them 'junk'. We check our junk box in the email at least once per day!
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    Problem with cat peeing around the flat

    When I've had to deal with 'out of the box' moments I've made my house into one giant catbox, I swear! If I have any incidents I always add in extra boxes, sometimes with a new litter (sometimes using the same litter, or Cat Attract litter) - in case we have an issue with a litterbox location...
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    Problem with cat peeing around the flat

    Thanks for the information - that helps! Let's talk about the cat box. Did you change litter around the time she began having issues? How many cat boxes do you have? What shape/size/style are they? You can try Cat Attract litter. For cats who pee over the edges of litterboxes, I've had...