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    Do You Let Your Cat Out?

    We built an outdoor enclosure for our cats, we still monitor them though. There are two ways for them to get indoors easily and we have a partial roof and large nontoxic plants for shade. It's also has a walk-in door that I use to sit out there with them. To be extra safe we rarely let them out...
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    Wow, It looks like you and your family are doing an amazing job with these cats! Sounds like they are well on their way to complete socialization soon giving them the chance at having a forever home with the exception of little Scout who it appears has already found one! It isn't an easy task...
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    Please post us any updates on your situation some of us have gone through taming ferals as you have and we are here for help and encouragement. I know how daunting the task is, but it will get better and you will have done a wonderful service for these animals.
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    It does take time taming feral cats, but they are young so it definitely can be done. I did tame three feral kittens in the hope they would go to a cat care group once they were adoptable. After spending time with them I just couldn't let them go, we kept them all. They were kept in their own...
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    Why Cat Hate?

    There is a war on cats out there and it seems to be never ending. Australia has a bounty on feral cats right now like they have had in the past, it is terrible for cats and for the cat owners that are afraid one of there pets will be captured and killed for money. I found this blog by Peter J...
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    Question Of The Day. Saturday 11th Of November.

    I collect cat, crow or Halloween themed items.
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    New Password Every Time

    Every time I try to sign into The Cat Site I have to redo my password, Am I the only one with this problem?
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    Which Of These "s" Names Do You Like For A Boy Kitty?

    I also like Sebastian
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    Why Cat Hate?

    This article is about why there's so much cat hate and what we as cat lovers can do about it: So you think they can't make people hate cats?
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    National Cat Day!

    There are so many cats without homes or families of their own I hope for a day when people would be responsible pet owners and spay or neuter their pets to bring the numbers down. :thumbsup:Cats certainly deserve their own day because they are beautiful animals that have given so many of us...
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    Help! 17 Yr Old Cat

    I had a cat that was never a big eater and pretty thin so I used to give him tomlyn Nutri-Cal cat dietary supplement a couple times a week to give him a bit of a appetite. He lived to twenty I don't know if the Nutri Cal helped him live to a good age or not, but it didn't seem to hurt any and at...
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    Cats And Strong Winds - Shelter?

    I would think something lower to the ground I'm afraid a very strong wind could possibly catch the top of cable drum and knock it down. Most likely the cat will find a safe area out of the wind on his own, animals do not like wind and they are good at finding ways to avoid it.
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    Cat Walking And Adventure Cats Experience?

    I think it is so important for our cats to have some outdoor adventures even if it is a short time everyday safely in the yard or whatever other way you and your cat go outdoors. One of the worries I have when letting your pets enjoy the outdoors is stray dogs or coyotes. I have seen coyotes in...
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    Why Cat Hate?

    I could never understand the pure hatred for cats either, of course I have always loved cats. Once when I was in Petsmart I heard a lady telling one of the clerks how much she loved the store then she adds too bad you have to have cat products too! I was so glad the clerk was quick to respond...