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    New kitten won't come out of carrier(I've read the Sticky)

    Make the neuter appt sooner rather than later.
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    Saved by bank, Boots the cat gets new family - link to article

    I'm so glad the trust sought to have that provision set aside. I honestly think it was a little selfish of the woman in the first place.
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    Inconsiderate neighbor and their dog

    Oh yes, don't even get me started on flexi-leashes. I hate them and they serve no purpose other than to make it easier on the owner not train their dog how to walk on a leash. My 19 lb mix pup walks at my heal on a 4 ft lead without pulling. It was a long process getting her there but is so...
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    Inconsiderate neighbor and their dog

    This always drives me nuts. I have a small dog and she is very well trained. As I always say, just because it's a small dig doesn't mean it shouldn't be trained. So many people that get small dogs do it as a fashion accessory and don't realize it's a living creature that takes work. I think...
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    Happy 4th of July, America!

    Happy 4th everyone! Stay safe and enjoy.
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    What's for dinner?

    We are going traditional for the 4th today. I'm grilling Brats and burgers for DH, "hot dogs" for me, with sides of beans and leftover potatoes from last night. I'll probably have leftover zuchinni as well. Oh, pasta salad sounds good too, I may have to dig up a recipe for some.
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    Advice on taking cat with me

    If taking her is a realistic option, I'd take her. You are more important to her than outside. I'm sorry you are faced with this decision.
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    New kitten won't come out of carrier(I've read the Sticky)

    Yep, getting him tired out is the best way to keep him from rushing her. Although, you will also get tired in the process. :lol3: You are still very early on in their intros, just take it slowly and keep him tired. It will help. :vibes:
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    Balloon Releases.... WHY people!?!

    Here's how I would approach the conversation: Me: Hey ballon releasing sister #1, I'm thinking I would like to do something similar to commentate X and I was thinking of butterflies or birdseed (or something from that list on the link above), have you done anything like that? Balloon...
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    What do you feed your cats, and why?

    Fred, Simon and Claire eat EVO 95% chicken/turkey. Riley eats anything we can coax him into eating, but we try to get him to eat EVO dry at minimum as he all but refuses to eat wet food. We tried raw with him and he did OK for a bit and then started refusing it, which is his typical pattern...
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    What's for dinner?

    Grilled zuchini's and red onion, oven baked potato wedges and I'll grill some pork chops for my DH to have alongside. Nothing exciting, that's for sure.
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    What are the pros and cons of having three indoor cats?

    Good callout, yes, all of mine are/were spayed/neutered.
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    New kitten won't come out of carrier(I've read the Sticky)

    Feliway won't hurt. And I think you understand where you went wrong reaching out to touch her. Let them have their space to figure this out, it takes a lot of time and patience but you'll get there.
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    Name three things

    Go to the grocery, ugh To get dog food And evidently I have to get a new car battery or none of the above will take place.
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    New kitten won't come out of carrier(I've read the Sticky)

    Use an interactive toy to play with them together, I have found that it can help them focus on something other than the other cat when they are together. This helps them get used to each others presence.