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    Elevated eosinophils and monocytes in 7 month kitten

    Thanks so much for your response! I just heard back from her breeder and she told me Birmans always test on the high end. She also said that these two values can be high because of the fasting and stress. She recommend I wait to do another blood test because in 10 days she still will probably be...
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    17 week old spayed, hyperactive and wants to play with mum?

    Hi there, My kitten was spayed yesterday and is also acting pretty normal today and did a bit of running around with my other cat before I could stop her. The best thing for you to do is to call the vet and ask them what they think. My vet said it takes ten days for them to fully recover and he...
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    Elevated eosinophils and monocytes in 7 month kitten

    To update the dewormer I was given in called  Milbemax. I am just wondering how she would have worms since she was dewormed a few times and has normal stool? I am also wondering if I should push for the stool sample? She did have a stool test done as a kitten and it came back normal.  I am also...
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    Elevated eosinophils and monocytes in 7 month kitten

    Thank you very much it has been a pretty terrible month
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    Flea treatments, Vet was less than helpful...

    Hi and welcome to TCS!  I would not be able to tell you for sure if it is safe, but I do know many of the supermarket flea treatments are not safe. You might want to contact the company that makes Revolution and see what they have to say ( I would also call a...
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    New Member - Cat With Weird Rash/Anger Issues

    Hi there and welcome to TCS! Here is a helpful article and video on allergic dermatitis in pets ( It is often caused by food issues because cats often eat species inappropriate diets,  so that is something...
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    Advice on aftercare for spay surgery.

    Well Ava was spayed today and is back home (I picked her up about 3 hours ago). She is pretty groggy and will only eat a few treats and has not had anything to drink yet (though she was given IV fluids during the sugary).  She also hasn't used the litter box yet. I have read a lot of threads on...
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    It is probably best to at least call the vet and ask if it is ok to use the drops for this. They will be able to give you more effective advice and will let you know if she needs to be seen again. 
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    Elevated eosinophils and monocytes in 7 month kitten

    Hi everyone,  I apologize for being MIA my grandfather passed on the 13th and I have been pretty broken up. With all that going on I had to get Ava spayed which I did today and she is currently sleeping beside me.  When I went to pick her up the vet went over her pre-opertive bloodwork which...
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    Incontinence after bladder stone removal

    Hi there and sorry to hear about your cat. How long since the surgery? Has a catheter been tried, because that may be a good option while he heals. Have you talked to the vet who performed the surgery- what do they say? If the vet is not helpful a second opinion may be a good idea.
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    Why should I neuter my cat?

    10 is for sure not too old and neutering is a very simple procedure in male cats. Even if he gets out for a couple of hours one day he will be able to impregnate several queens and this will result in many more kittens in overcrowded shelters. And like I said it will decrease his risk of cancer.  
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    Why should I neuter my cat?

    If there is a possibility that your cat can ever get outside he will be able to  still procreate and since he is humping a neutered cat he is clearly still able to do it. There are countless cats killed everyday in shelters and contributing to the homeless cat population is pretty terrible...
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    how does freeze dried (reconstituted) weigh in? Repost - kitties hijacked my keyboard last time

    I love Stella and Chewy's freeze dried raw it is the only raw food frank will eat and the only one that does not make him vomit. Right now it makes up their main diet but i also add homemade cooked and canned sometimes. Primal and Ziwipeak do freeze dried as well but both made frank throw up but...
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    my white kitten has red eyes, is she ok??

    It could mean she is albino though rare it apparently sometimes happens. Here is a good post with more information ( I am not entirely certain though that your cat is albino...
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    S.O.S. - Kinney has anorexia/anemia

    I am weeping right now I am so sorry for your loss! This is just terrible....