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    What Are Your Cats Doing Right Now?

    Tea is chilling on my lap, Binx is at the very top of the cat tree, and Kaia was just scratching the cat tree 😊
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    How much do you spend on wet cat food?

    I spend about $100 a month for 3 cats, wet food only, fed three times a day. Kaia and Binx get PC extra meaty pate (Canadian brand) morning and night, and they split a can of Friskies prime fillets turkey at 2pm. Tea gets fancy feast pate morning and night, and a can of fancy feast grilled at...
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    Feeding habits.

    Mine are fed wet food only. They get 2.75 oz 3x a day...7am, 2pm and 8:30pm. Works for mine! All healthy weights and happy.
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    I Like It When My Cat . . .

    Bathes on my lap! Lol. No idea why but I love it!
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    Survey: What color eyes does your cat have?

    Tea has green eyes, Binx has yellow and Kaia has green!
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    Do You Have A Favorite Cat Color?

    Blue point Siamese.....this was my first kitty after moving out on my own. They are beautiful. Buff orange (had one), smoky grey (never have had one) and dilute calico (haven’t had one) are my favourites for colour. I currently have a calico, a black and white and a grey tabby. I don’t go by...
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    The age old debate about letting your cat out

    When I got Kaia, I figured she’d be an indoor all my others had been while growing up, without issue. We got Kaia as a kitten, being inside is all she knew. Spring came and she was just about to turn a year old. She went NUTS. Relentlessly clawing at and ruining multiple screens and...
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    Wet food only diet: How many cans do you feed you your kitty per day and how often?

    I guess it depends on the calories in the food you’re feeding. My youngest guy, Tea, eats 9oz a day split into 3 meals. He eats fancy feast pate. My other two split a can of PC extra meaty (pate, so more calorie dense) twice a day, and split a can of friskies prime fillets (lower calorie) once...
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    Whiskas compared to fancy feast?

    These aren’t cheaper than FF either....they’re 89 cents for 2.6 ounces. I can get FF on sale for 50 cents for 3oz.
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    Whiskas compared to fancy feast?

    Are they really different? This is the Whiskas perfect portions ingredients.
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    8oz too much?

    I might substitute one of his feedings for a perfect portions amount....give him the 2.75 oz at breakfast and before bed, and the smaller amount for their 3pm feeding.
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    8oz too much?

    Yes. I’m actually going tomorrow to get him a fishing rod style toy. He LOVES those and ours broke a while ago.
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    8oz too much?

    He is 18 months 😊
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    8oz too much?

    He eats PC extra’s a Canadian brand similar to fancy feast classic pate. Thanks!!
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    8oz too much?

    Those of you who have cats on wet food many ounces do they eat in a day? Binx is an average sized male parents were just over and they both said he looks like he’s getting big. He splits a 5.5 ounce can of food with Kaia 3 times a about 8.25oz of food. It is...