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Cat Care

  1. 15 Things You Should Know Before Adopting A Cat

    So you have your heart set on adopting a cat?

    Cats can make wonderful pets. They can be sweet and gentle, follow you around, yet be happy to stay on their own during the day. They use a litterbox so you don't have to take them on daily walks. They're quiet and affectionate and will be happy to spend the evening on your lap, providing just the kind of peaceful companionship you've been yearning for.

    The thing is, while some cats may be some of these things, some of the time - not all of...
  2. 16 Experts Reveal The Most Common Litterbox Mistakes (and How To Avoid Them)

    Litterbox problems and litterbox avoidance are common complaints in our cat behavior forum, so we went to see what the experts think about this topic. We asked 16 leading cat experts what they thought were the common mistakes owners make when it comes to the litter box and what solutions they offer. We're proud to bring you this collection of useful tips, based on thousands of cases these experts have dealt with over the years.

    This is what we asked them -
    Share one mistake relating to the...
  3. A Feral Cat Or A Stray Cat? How To Tell The Difference

    There's an unfamiliar cat visiting your backyard. Maybe this kitty hides away under your porch, only coming out to eat the cat food you're leaving out? Or maybe he or she meows at you from afar or even approaches you? What should you do?

    Figuring out if this is a feral or a stray could make a huge difference in how you can help that cat.

    First, some definitions. What do the terms "stray" and "feral" even mean in cats? After all, biologically speaking, feral cats and strays are the exact...
  4. 9 Grass Growing Kits That Will Make Your Cat Happy

    Many cats love munching on some fresh green grass. Experts believe chewing greenery provides cats with extra nutrients that are hard to get through meat alone. Others think that eating grass is an instinctive way for cats to naturally prevent hair accumulation in the intestines.

    Whatever the reason, chances are your cat will love having a small patch of quality cat grass to chew on right in your home. The good news is that you don't have to be a talented gardener to provide Kitty with some...
  5. The Litterbox: What Every Cat Owner Needs To Know

    Cats have a great advantage as indoor-only pets: They can have their own bathroom in our homes! We don't have to take them out for daily walks, or clean up after them all over the house. They have their own private toilets that they can use whenever they want to.

    The litterbox is one of the most important aspects in your cat's life. If you want your cat to regularly use the box and only the box (and you do!) then you have to set it up according to Kitty's needs and make sure it's properly...
  6. How Old Do Kittens Have To Be To Leave Their Mother?

    If you're caring for a mother cat and her kindle of kittens you should start looking for good homes for them as soon as possible. Once you have good homes waiting, comes the question:
    When can the kittens leave their mom?
    Is it ok for you to give the kittens away once they start eating solid foods? Or should you wait until they are fully weaned (and when would that even be?) Or is there some other criterion you should be looking at?

    You could also be facing the same question from the other...
  7. Cats & Lilies: Avoid The Danger Lurking In Your Home

    Ahh, Those Beautiful Lilies.

    Everyone knows and loves lilies. The official Latin name of this group of plants is Lilium. It includes dozens of types of lilies, all of which have captivating floral displays.

    Lilies are so beautiful that they have inspired phrases such as "to gild the lily", meaning to decorate something that is pleasing in its original state. It's no wonder they're often a popular choice at garden supplies stores - where they are sold as bulbs - and florists' shops, where...
  8. The 10 Most Common Litterbox Mistakes Cat Owners Make

    There are rules for setting up a litterbox correctly and for maintaining it properly. Not following these rules means a less-than-ideal litterbox experience for Kitty. This is stressful for your cat and could eventually lead to litterbox avoidance.

    No one wants their cat to go outside the litterbox, so make sure you're not making one of these common mistakes. If you are, please don't rush into making any changes. Read this through and follow the links in this list for more information on...
  9. A Kitten Or An Older Cat - Which Should You Adopt?

    So you've decided to adopt a cat. Congratulations! Animal shelters and rescue groups have candidates waiting in line for you, all of them in need of a loving home.When visiting the shelter, or even when browsing through lists of cats for adoption, you may be wondering, "Should I adopt one of these adorable little kittens, or should I take in one of the sweet adult cats?"

    That's a good question. Living with a kitten is different than living with an adult cat. It can be wonderful for some...
  10. Weaning: How To Get Your Kittens To Eat On Their Own

    Watching a litter of tiny kittens suckling voraciously, you may be wondering how they will ever switch over to eating on their own?

    The transition from nursing to independent eating is called weaning. It is a process and does not happen over night, but the good news is yes, every kitten eventually weans off its mother's milk and moves on to eating cat food!

    Is there any way for you to help with the process of weaning? Absolutely! If you are taking care of a lactating cat, it is up to you...
  11. How To Move With Your Cat To A New Home In A Safe Way

    Are you moving into a new place? A wonderful new apartment in a fancy part of town or maybe that big beautiful house of your dreams? Congratulations! You're probably feeling both excited and nervous about the big move!

    Moving house can be a happy occasion, but for your cat, this could actually be dangerous.
    Unfortunately, many cats get lost during the mayhem of moving day. Huge boxes and heavy furniture being moved around pose an additional risk for injury. The good news is that with some...
  12. Should I Get A Kitten As A Gift For My Kids?

    So, your kids adore cats. They have "Hello Kitty" schoolbags and love watching Garfield. They say they want a kitten to play with, and Craigslist is just full of ads about kittens looking for good homes.

    Surely, they'll be thrilled once you open the box and let a cute fluffball out, right? So, won't a kitten make an awesome gift for the little guys?
    The short answer to this question is: No.

    The longer answer is "maybe", and under the right conditions, even a resounding "yes"!

    The benefits...
  13. Are You An Expert On Newborn Kitten Rescue?

    Whether a mother cat gave birth in your home or you came across orphaned kittens under your porch - you never know when and where you may be faced with the challenge of rescuing newborn kittens. Take this quiz to see how much you know about this lifesaving topic and please share it so others can learn from the questions and answers provided here.

    If you want to refresh your memory before taking the quiz, the answers to all of these questions (and much more) are available in the following...
  14. I found abandoned kittens - what should I do?

    Veterans of the Pregnant Cat & Kitten Care forum are familiar with springtime posts that read - 

    "I came across 4 kittens hiding under my front porch!"

    "Last night, I found these three kittens."

    "We found two kittens that are about 1 day old."

    Come kitten season, cat lovers across the globe are likely to come across what appear to be abandoned kittens. Whether hiding and meowing pitifully, actively approaching you or simply huddled quietly under a bush -- their fate is suddenly in your...
  15. Fading Kitten Syndrome: 11 Things You Need To Know

    There is no gentle way to put this: During the first weeks of their lives kittens are at an increased risk of dying. Some estimates put the survival rates of newborn kittens at an average of 75%, and as every experienced rescuer knows, sometimes entire litters simply don't make it. 

    It's not always easy to know why a kitten doesn't survive. Death may come quickly, or after a prolonged period of several days or even weeks, and the cause may be as clear as significant trauma, or as mysterious...