Cat Grass: How To Create The Purrfect Garden For Your Cat

Even though they are carnivores, cats seem to like a bit of greenery in their diets. Most cat owners are aware of their pets' propensity for eating grass or houseplants. Cats in the wild usually eat their herbivorous prey's intestines first and seem to get their "green fix" from this.

Why do cats eat grass?

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No one is exactly sure WHY these normally carnivorous creatures eat grass but there are several theories. Some researchers think that cats have a need for certain enzymes and/or nutrients, found in greenery or that green grass contains some sort of a "stomach-cleanser" with the plant fiber helping the cats' digestion process. Eating grass thus promotes the passage of hairballs, either through stools or vomiting. Others think that some cats simply like the taste/texture of crispy crunchy green leaves and stems.

Safety first - avoid poisoning!

You can see grass-eating more often in outdoor cats, as they have more opportunities. If you have outdoor cats, be careful when using fertilizers, weed and pest control products on your lawn as these can prove extremely toxic to cats.

Many indoors-only cats will snack on any available greenery as well. With many common houseplants being toxic, it's important to screen the plants in your home. Avoid keeping plants that are a potential risk and make sure you offer your cat a suitable alternative to munch on. The most dangerous plant for cats to ingest is lilies. Take a minute to read this: Cats & Lilies: Avoid The Danger Lurking In Your Home.

How to safely provide grass for your cat

The best way to safely satisfy your cat's' taste for greens is to provide a pot of fresh homemade cat grass. Cat grass is readily available from most seed companies or pet supply catalogs and can also be found already growing and potted at many pet stores. If you want to provide some variety, there are several types of grass, acceptable for feeding to cats: oats, wheat, Japanese barnyard millet, bluegrass, fescue, rye, ryegrass and alfalfa sprouts.

It is quite simple to provide Kitty with his or her own salad bar. Place a 2-inch thick layer of potting soil in the bottom of a pot or planter and add enough water to moisten the soil. Completely cover the soil with a thin layer of seeds. Lightly cover the seeds with a handful of soil and then loosely cover the pot or planter with plastic wrap - this creates a greenhouse effect. After three to four days, the seeds will sprout and you can now remove the plastic wrap. As the grass grows, water as needed, to keep the soil moist (not soggy) and mist daily with a spray bottle. Trim as desired. Once the grass is about 2 inches high, place it where your cat can "graze".

Grass can induce vomiting in some cats. If your cat is prone to vomiting, avoid providing grass too soon after a meal. If your cat still vomits after eating grass, consult your veterinarian before letting her have anymore.

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6 comments on “Cat Grass: How To Create The Purrfect Garden For Your Cat

rickr February 5, 2016
Archie loves grass - he grew up outdoors.  I think he's addicted.  I grow it from seeds when the weather is warm.  But in the winter months, I have to pay the outrageous store prices since I can't seem to get the seeds started while it's cold. I've tried growing it indoors, but no luck.     @Baset  I find the store bought grass usually lasts 3 to 4 weeks.  It helps to break up the roots, which are generally tightly packed.  It also helps to replant the grass in a larger pot, though I'm usually too lazy to do that routinely.
kittycatgal December 21, 2015
That is why my cat threw up after eating the chia grass!!!! I am growing some more grass right grows so fast!!!
brabiz March 12, 2014
my cat loves fresh basil leaves, fresh celery, and loves cantaloupe,strawberries and fresh peaches.  he's a real gourmand!
tyger and wish January 5, 2014
I have been feeding my cats homegrown cat grass for a couple of years.  i used to buy the seeds on line but recently discovered a local grocery store sells wheat grass seeds in their bulk section for a fraction of the price.  For less than 50 cents, I got enough seeds to grow the grass for 6 months or more!
Anne April 11, 2013
Thanks for the feedback! It's probably a good idea for you to ask this question at the Cat Care forums, where TCS members can give their recommendations and share their experience.
baset April 11, 2013
This was very helpful a big meow to you. I've seen them in Pet co however they didn't appear fresh as to not as green and pleasant looking. Any suggestions? What's the durations of the plant's life span?

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