Pixie Bob Cats

The Pixie-Bob breed seems to have everything going for it: an intelligent, playful personality, a strong resemblance to the American Bobcat and an origin clouded in mystery and legend. Thought to be descended from matings between bobcats and house/barn cats, DNA testing has so far failed to prove a link to a wild ancestor.

Pixie Bob History

The Pixie-Bob is an American breed. The first Pixie-Bob was believed to be the issue of a random mating, between a small Coastal Red Bobcat and a short-tailed polydactyl barn cat. Carol Ann Brewer, of Washington State, purchased a male polydactyl kitten from the resulting litter in 1985. Because of the many legends, surrounding such matings between wild and domestic cats, she dubbed this first kitten a “Legend Cat”. Within a year, Ms. Brewer had acquired a few more of these cats and began to establish the Pixie-Bob breed.

One female kitten, named Pixie, became the dam line and namesake for the breed. The Pixie-Bob was accepted into TICA as “new breed and color” in 1995 and for Championship status in 1997. Currently, only TICA and CCA accept the Pixie-Bob for registry.

It should be noted that there is also an “American Bobtail” breed, accepted as a separate cat breed by TICA and recognized by the CFA as well. This breed has a different breed history, but it does share some physical characteristics, notably the bobbed tail.

Breed Description

The Pixie-Bob is muscular, with a heavy bone structure. Males will typically mature to 12-26 pounds, with females a bit smaller. The coat is a double one and can feature spots, broken bars and rosettes.

Colors are shades of brown or russet, with silver or black ticking. The tail is short (a minimum of two inches) and is carried high. Eyes are round and deep-set. Brown and gold colored eyes are preferred but green is accepted. Many Pixie-Bobs also have lynx-pointed ear tufts. Polydactylism is common, with a maximum of seven toes per paw. This is one of the few breeds wherein polydactylism is accepted for registry.

The Pixie-Bob is an intelligent, playful and docile cat, dubbed the “Golden Retriever” of the cat world. This cat breed is reputed to be easy to leash-train easily and will play “fetch”. Pixie-Bobs are family-oriented and do not take well to re-homing, after the age of 1-2 years.

Special Needs

The Pixie Bob is a hardy breed with no special care needs.

Some breeders have raised concern about the effect of certain vaccines may have on cats of this breed. Pixie Bob cat owners should consult with both the breeder and veterinarian about their cat’s vaccine plan.

Cat pictures on this page, courtesy of Aston Woods Pixies Cattery.

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