What Are Your Cats Doing Right Now?

Silver Crazy

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Jul 8, 2019
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Melbourne Australia
oh, Blue, big guy, what's the problem?

My big fella is currently deeply asleep on his favorite chair :)
Blue over the last couple of weeks has been getting very assertive and pushy but along with this other behavior which has been desirable and getting to what you want it to be so I have let it go on a bit longer than I should have.
Last couple of days he has been getting a bit nasty like when I leave my seat he will jump up and claim my seat and then fight me when I want to sit again. If I use my phone he will lay on it and fight me if I want to have it agian.
If he has been sitting on my lap and I want him to get off so I can get up and do something he gets angry and bitey.
Just starting to throw his weight around and trying to be boss cat and also getting overly possessive.
He is getting over confident and starting to dominate, something I have run up against with every Bengal male I have had.
The Bengals males can be difficult in this aspect and this is where owners of older Bengals males fall down and get into problems.
Come to a head this morning and I had to be the bigger stronger male of the household via a wresting match and now my zoo training kicks in and we go back into a bit of dependency training and he learns he is number 2 , not number one in the house.
Bengals are great but if they are not many generations from their leopard cat ancestors and with Blues past its a fine line to manage and I knew it was a bit risky with him when I first got him a few nasties will appear..
Little cat with big cats attitude.
We can fix..never say die...lol
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minish first..
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Nov 21, 2016
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Minish is back in our summer house where she has access to a larger area and garden. She was thrilled until this morning when my 1 year old niece came for the weekend. Minish's survival skills are excellent but she is incredibly grumpy, running off to places instead of the center of the living room where she's frequently adored hehhhe. I found her in my bedroom where she prefers only at night. When I asked her how she is, she responded with the most pitiful meuw. I guess we will make up at her dinner time, got her yummy new food