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    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    I have a problem and if anyone could please advise me, I would be so grateful. I have caught four cats already in my trap- three babies and one young tom. The young tom is already at my vet's and the babies will be joining him there shortly. The problem is- is that one of the cats ( the...
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    My Cat is dying please pray for him

    Prayers to you, Chip, and also to your wonderful human who loves you so much. You two will meet again.
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    Russian blue, burmese, korat or bsh ???

    Can we have some pics, please? :)
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    Abondoned my orange tabby and now I want her back

    Can you put out a live trap for her? If you don't have one, can you borrow one? Have you tried calling her name? My guess is that she is not far from where you left her, but it is going to take time, on your part, to find her. You might have to sit out there for hours. I honestly have never...
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    Fever care until I can see a vet?

    I am so happy! This is indeed good news and I am so grateful that you shared it with us. Please keep some antibotics on hand to help you through a weekend scare.
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    Fever care until I can see a vet?

    msb88- please respond soon. We are concerned about both of you.
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    Our dumpster kitty

    That is the thing- we don't know what kind of cat will turn up at a dumpster I stated earlier that I found two purebred Siamese kittens this last summer at the local dumpster, one was a seal point, and the other was a flame point. If only they could talk. :)
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    Bringing the Gift of Breathing To a Beautiful Ragdoll

    What a miracle. Thank you for helping her.
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    Our dumpster kitty

    Oh, I am so sorry. She probably bolted out a door when her owners were either leaving or coming in. :( Your guy is a true survivor and very lucky to have met you.
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    Our dumpster kitty

    You would be surprise at what kind of cat one can find at a dumpster. I just found two purebred Siamese kittens myself last summer at a dumpster.
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    Our dumpster kitty

    Well, he grew into those size 13 shoes , didn't he? What a unique kitty.
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    Our dumpster kitty

    OMG!- he is one big boy. What a stunning looking cat! Are you sure he doesn't have some bobcat in him? :) I know he is not the run of the mill tabby kitty.
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    My brother needs serious help with his new cat.

    "Cheer at the game, walk loud" Yep, that ought to do it. Because if there is anything that cats love the most- its noise.
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    Fever care until I can see a vet?

    This is the part that is very frustrating- when the OP vanishes and we are left guessing. .Prayers to her little buddy.
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    Cat Pooping everywhere in the house...

    Have you brought this up to the people, or shelter. that you adopted him from to see if they experienced the same problem? They would be in the best position to know this cat's history and they could also give you some suggestions.