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    flea allergy and fur loss - Help!

    My 8 year old spayed female, Shuggie, has been suffering from mild, patchy fur loss, with small but noticeable sores, for the past year/18 months or so. When I first took her to the vet for it, they said it was due to a flea allergy, they gave her a shot and put her on regular flea medication...
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    Jellybean - A Tribute

    I just wanted to thank everybody who offered kind words and condolences in my thread about the sudden, shocking loss of my big, beautiful baby boy Jellybean last week. I wanted to write a long post about our life together as a tribute...but then I decided to just make a video instead. I come...
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    Goodbye sweet Maple

    Such a pretty girl. 18 years is a good, long life for a kitty, but it's never enough, is it? On behalf of my recently departed Jellybean, thank you for loving and taking care of a black cat!
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    My baby died suddenly yesterday

    Thank you everybody for your kind and comforting responses. It's hard. I am really missing his presence. He had such a big, unique personality, and I just enjoyed him so much. He was definitely the oddball/weirdo of the family, and I loved him for it. I loved everything about him and I loved...
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    My baby died suddenly yesterday

    I'm still in shock. My Jellybean was only 6 years old. He was literally fine one minute, and dying in my arms the next. I was getting ready to leave the house for a little bit. My mama cat, Shuggie, the mother of my other 4 (including Jellybean), was outside (she's the only one who gets to go...
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    I had to board my 5 cats in a kennel for 2 weeks. What can I expect when I pick them up?

    I had a last-minute two-week work trip dumped in my lap, and had to board my kitties. They are very sheltered and spoiled, and have never had anything like this happen to them before. I'm wondering what to expect when I bring them home. Will they be happy to see me and happy to be home again? Or...
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    Newborn Litter On My Porch - Has Mama Abandoned Them?

    Shortly after I posted this, I peeked outside and she was back to nursing them. The next morning the kittens were gone. Momma had taken them and stashed them elsewhere. A couple of days later she had them back on my back porch, and the next day she took them away again. It's been a few days...
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    Do You Know Your Cats' History?

    I love that name "Sirvester"! I call a friendly stray I'm feeding, who i'm planning on fixing and rescuing, "Sir Meows-a-Lot", because, well, he meows a lot. But it's "Sir" for short.
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    Newborn Litter On My Porch - Has Mama Abandoned Them?

    So this feral female I've been feeding for a couple of years now just had a litter of 4 on my back porch last night (I've been unable to trap her - this is her 4th litter since she's been hanging around my place). With all the other litters, she had them elsewhere and they would show up on my...
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    Do You Know Your Cats' History?

    I know the history of 4 of my 5 cats, because they were born under my bed! Their mama, my 1st cat, I only know that she was owned by some people in my apartment complex who never got her spayed (obviously!) and abandoned her. I know which apartment they lived in. I know as a kitten she played...
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    I Finally Took Two Of My Strays To A Rescue Organization. Now I'm Really Sad And Depressed. Help!

    Great news! I just got a text from Jack's new owner! He has been officially adopted! She even sent me a picture of him in his new digs, and he looks great. She seems very smitten with him. She said the moment they made eye contact that was it. And she called him "the man of the house" and...
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    I Finally Took Two Of My Strays To A Rescue Organization. Now I'm Really Sad And Depressed. Help!

    Thank you. I guess that's just what I need to hear. In my brain I know it's the right thing to do, but my heart is struggling with it. I've gotten a few cats rescued before, but I've never had to say goodbye to one that I was so deeply attached to.
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    I Finally Took Two Of My Strays To A Rescue Organization. Now I'm Really Sad And Depressed. Help!

    I live in San Antonio, Texas, which is a TERRIBLE city as far as resources for strays, no-kill shelters, rescue and foster organizations, etc. The no-kill shelters are always almost all full. To get a cat into the Humane Society you have to get there somewhere around midnight to 2AM to ensure...
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    Stray Cats As A Factor In Major Life Decisions...

    Hello everybody, I have 5 cats, plus I am feeding another 6 (3 tame strays, 2 semi-ferals, 1 completely feral). I am in the process of deciding whether to keep my current job, which will force me to relocate to another city, or to stay where I'm at and look for another job. It dawned on me...
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    A Semi-feral I Feed Had Kittens...what Now?

    Momma lets me touch her and pet her, but is still super skittish and would probably go apes#%* if I tried to even pick her up, let alone put her in a carrier. Maybe "semi-feral" is an overly optimistic description on my part. Thanks for your help. I will start calling around to see if I can get...