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    Kitten with bloated belly

    Milo has been doing very well! The rescue I was with closed and he was left in my care. I am in the process of getting my own rescue up and going and will be getting Milo back for a recheck with cardio as soon as I am able.
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    Flea Med Question

    Do you know if this is still true for Advantage II? They recently changed the packaging on the dog to say not to use on cats, but I don’t see any change in ingredients. Going to contact the company to see what answer I get, but curious to hear from others. Bayer is also about to be bought out by...
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    My Cat Died Of Panleukopenia

    Rescue works better than bleach at disinfecting against Panleuk on porous surfaces. You can purchase this from Amazon (as well as other retailers). This has a *very* indepth look at sanitizing as well as other precautions post-Panleuk. (Written as speaking in a shelter environment, but the info...
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    Ibd, Unconfirmed Gi Lymphoma, And Also Hcm (hypertrophic Cardiomyopathys

    As for a test specifically for IBD, it would be a biopsy that is sent off to look for IBD, Lymphoma or other GI diseases.
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    Ibd, Unconfirmed Gi Lymphoma, And Also Hcm (hypertrophic Cardiomyopathys

    Ugh! I know the frustrations of IBD and HCM. Who diagnosed kitty with HCM? Was it a board-certified cardiologist? What type of diet does your cat eat (brand, flavor(s), dry/wet)? Have you tried different diets?
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    Urinating Outside Of The Litter Box

    Since setting up your sewing room, how much time are you spending working on projects than you were? How has kitty's routine changed? Columbine has given very good tips abc suggestions above!
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    Difficulty With Rescue Kitten And Social Behavior With Older Cats.

    Have you consulted with a Veterinary behaviorist, not just a GP veterinarian? Have you considered trying him in a foster home as an only pet?
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    Desperate For Help

    I would think with coming from a shelter he is, but you do not mention if your boy is neutered or not? I also agree that the peeing behavior sounds like he is insecure and possibly has separation anxiety (why he would pee when you go out at night). As for the agreesive behavior... Is he the...
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    Older And Younger Cat

    Ok. I would have not advised you to allow them to interact directly with them already showing aggression to one another. Letting cats "fight it out" very often leads to the behaviors you are currently seeing. Are both cats spayed and neutered? At this point I would suggest separating them...
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    Older And Younger Cat

    If I am reading this properly, the cats were fighting through the door/plexiglass prior to being out together?
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    Help!! Adopted 2 Sick Kittens In A Multi Pet Home And Worried I May Have To Return Them.

    Here is a great Q&A written by UC Davis's shelter vet department on ringworm: What is the most effective way to resolve ringworm in my foster kittens? - UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program We too started off using Terbinafine to treat and after 3 rounds and the ringworm coming back, we...
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    Help!! Adopted 2 Sick Kittens In A Multi Pet Home And Worried I May Have To Return Them.

    I've had some experience with ringworm and reoccurrence as well. What are you treating the kittens with? Also, what are you using to clean with? He ringworm and URI likely go hand in hand as far as flare ups. Stress is a big factor for this. What medication(s) is being used to treat the...
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    Stubborn herpes infection? Add Lactoferrin in addition to Lysine

    We've had very positive results with the Polyprenyl, so if you can save up for that, that's great! The treatment is 15 days. Twice daily doses. In the meantime, as your vet about putting Albus on Famciclovir (can be used up to 3 times a day, but most don't need it more than twice daily). And...
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    Sporadic Fighting - Multi-cat Situation - Advice?

    My first thought is that you may have a stray lurking around that the kitties, particularly SuperFuzz is picking up on. This can cause further issues if the visitor is a female in heat. I help run a cat rescue and also have a large multi-cat home. We too ha e separated cats into smaller groups...
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    Cat Can't Walk Right

    If you can afford it and you have somewhat easy access to one, I would encourage you to see about getting JiJi to a vet school and letting a neurologist take a look at him. Or, at the very least, find a vet that will consult with a neurologist for you (many vet schools will consult with your vet...