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    Turkish van or khao?

    She’s very pretty! I would describe her as a blue and white bicolor Domestic Shorthair. I don’t think she could be considered as having the van pattern (which shows up in cats other than Turkish Vans, by the way), because her tail is white. Turkish Vans are also longhaired cats, and extremely...
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    New litter no good

    Have you tried tidy cats litter? I have allergies myself, as do others in my household, and we haven’t had problems with that brand. I used to use a “dust-free” clay litter, which was anything but dust-free.
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    How to keep cats away from places you don't want it to go?

    Hi there! I can’t answer all of your questions regarding the logistics of the balcony, etc., but I agree with Rubysmama that an adult cat might be better for your living situation. Kittens are much higher energy, and are more likely than adult cats to into things they shouldn’t. I don’t think...
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    Identify my tabby

    He’s such a handsome boy!
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    Need help identifying kitten's breed.

    I don’t have anything else to add on, but I just want to stop by and say that Archibald is adorable! I want to hug him through the screen. :petcat:
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    Spot's fur type

    Spot is adorable! I think she’s a longhair, because of her plumed tail. She is what some may denote as a “mediumhair”, but, genetically, cats are either short- or longhaired, and I think that Spot is the latter. As to where longhaired cats come from, that is an interesting question, and, in...
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    Introducing 2 month old female Kitty to my 1 year old female cat gone wrong :( please help

    Cat introductions can be a long process, and it doesn’t always work the first time. In fact, it’s so common for cats to not get along after the first intro, that we even have an extensive article about what to do next here on TCS. Check it out: How To Fix An Unsuccessful Cat Introduction –...
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    Dry food upgrade...

    I checked the ingredients of the three foods and I don’t think that there is much of a difference between them. At least, as far as I can tell, they look very equivalent in quality. So I, personally, would just go with the cheapest option, but someone else might have some deeper insights than I...
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    What breed of any does Misty look like ?

    She’s gorgeous! I would describe her as a blue and white bicolor (in the tuxedo pattern) Domestic Longhair.
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    Need Recommendations for Urine Test Strips

    Could you ask your vet if you could just collect the urine in a sample cup at home and bring it in to be analyzed? That saves you the hassle of dealing with test strips. You would need to get a very clean litterbox (and special litter from the vet that won’t mess up the sample), but I think that...
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    How to know if a cat will be ok with other cats or best to be in an "only" cat home?

    From people with multicat households that I know, I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t been able to successfully introduce cats eventually. Following proper introductions, I think most cats enjoy being part of the “colony”, enjoying mutual grooming, playtime, and nap time. As a long-time TCS...
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    Hi umm I'm new to the cat world and I wanted to know whether my cat is long or medium haired?

    Genetically, there aren’t any “mediumhaired” cats; it’s just a label given to cats (mainly in shelters) that are trickier to bin into one category, this is especially true for kittens whose coats aren’t fully developed yet. That being said, I’m pretty sure that your gorgeous kitty is a longhair...
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    Help with breed?

    His proper identification is “adorable”! :blush: I agree with @BellaGooch that he is a Domestic Longhair. If you post a sideview picture, we can identify his exact pattern. Maine Coons have a broader muzzle than your kitten, I think.
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    Bengal/tabby Mix???

    Mr Mowgli does have prominent rosettes like @di and bob mentioned, so I think some Bengal ancestry is a possibility! Without papers, he would still be classified as a Domestic Shorthair. It might be interesting to have a DNA test done for him. This won’t tell you for sure what his ancestry is...
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    Short or medium haired?

    I would definitely say shorthair as well. You’re right that there are no “mediumhairs” genetically, it’s just a label given to some cats that may be harder to classify (e.g., shorthairs with slightly longer fur, or kitten coats like @cataholic07 mentioned). He is a very cute kitten, by the way!