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  1. abyeb

    Suspicious growth on my cats cheek

    I would advise you to take him to the vet to get it checked out. They might aspirate it (which means to take a small sample of cells using a syringe and look at it under the microscope), or they might recommend a biopsy. Hopefully, the growth is totally harmless. But I do think he should be seen...
  2. abyeb

    Digestive Care or Hairball Control??

    Hi there! It looks like both of those foods are in Royal Canin's "Retail" line and not their "Veterinary" line, so you don't need a Rx to buy them. Still, I would recommend asking your vet to see which diet they think would be best for your cat. Just off the top of my head, I don't think that a...
  3. abyeb

    finding the best care/food for 18 year old cat with stage 2 kidney disease/digestion problem

    I would advise you to take him to the vet. Since the diarrhea is a new occurrence, and he has been eating the same food for a while without issues, I don't think it would be a nutritional issue. I think it sounds like something medical. So, I definitely think that you need to check in with a...
  4. abyeb


    Good thinking, Mamanyt1953. From the pictures, I do think it does look like flea dirt. An easy way to tell for sure, is to wet a paper towel, and have some of the dirt soak on the towel. If it turns red, then it's flea dirt, because flea dirt is digested blood, which turns black when it dries...
  5. abyeb

    Introducing new cat, things were going well but they suddenly regressed

    Hi there! My guess would be that this is non-recognition aggression. Usually, we see it if one cat goes to the vet and then the other stays home, but I suppose it can happen in a situation like this as well. Cats recognize each other largely by scent, so after spending two days completely...
  6. abyeb

    Really big eyes

    He’s so handsome! I would describe him as a silver mackerel tabby and white Domestic Longhair. We can’t be completely sure of his breed since he doesn’t have a pedigree, but with his triangular head and big ears, I think that it’s possible that he has some Oriental in him. If you’re curious, you...
  7. abyeb

    Unsure On Breed Of My Kitten?

    Congratulations! It looks like your kitten has a rex coat! The rex mutation gives cats a curly coat and whiskers! There are certain breeds that have rex coats (Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, or, the cat whose fur is closest to your’s, the Selkirk Rex), but it can arise as a random mutation as well. He...
  8. abyeb

    Itchy Boy Now Infecting Others. Ringworm? Yeast? Food Allergy?

    Hi there, I'm sorry to hear that your cats are itchy. I'm not a vet, but I agree with your assessment; I think that ringworm is a possibility, especially since it seems to be spreading between cats. I think that taking them back to the vet would be a good call. I'll attach some articles; one...
  9. abyeb

    Runny Eyes Due To Rubbing Against A Gate?

    Hi, I think your gate theory makes sense. He could have scratched his eye when rubbing against it. I would recommend getting him checked out at the vet anyway, just to be sure that there isn’t any damage to his eye, although I might be overly cautious.
  10. abyeb

    Kitten Hates Us?

    I think it sounds like he likes you! Since he’s playing with you and wants to be near you, those are all good signs. He just might not be a super cuddly type, and that’s ok! All cats are individuals. He might still warm up to being handled, once he settles in more.
  11. abyeb

    Will He Be A Long Hair Or Short Hair?

    I think he will end up as a shorthair, because he doesn’t have long ear furnishings and those are a good indication of a cat’s fur length.
  12. abyeb

    What Is My Tabby Pattern?

    What a cutie! I would describe her pattern as broken mackerel (interrupted stripes).
  13. abyeb

    What Breed Is My Cat? (i’m New To This Site/forum)

    He’s adorable! I would also describe him as a brown mackerel tabby and white Domestic Shorthair! If you’re curious, you could get him DNA tested, to see if he has genetic similarities to any breeds.
  14. abyeb

    Please Help !

    She’s so pretty! I would describe her as a brown mackerel tabby and white Domestic Shorthair. I’m not seeing Egyptian Mau in her, but she is adorable, anyway!
  15. abyeb

    Barn Found Kitten Tabby? Coon?

    He’s a handsome kitten! I would describe him as brown mackerel tabby Domestic Longhair.