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    If anyone is interested, here is a scientific paper discussing the safety of carrageenan: "The potential role of carrageenan in the development of gastrointestinal malignancy and inflammatory bowel disease requires...
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    Disappearing Cat

    I agree that she should be kept inside. Indoors are safer for kitties, and it will be easier for you to socialize her too. Check out some of this article: The Five Golden Rules To Bringing An Outdoor Cat Inside The above article also links to some additional articles about entertaining indoor...
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    Playtime recommendations

    Just a quick idea: since your boy likes things that rustling noise, he might enjoy playing with balls made of crumpled paper. Just be sure that they are too big for him to accidentally swallow.
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    Depo-medrol after effects on an itchy kitty?

    Depo-medrol (Methylprednisolone acetate) does come with some potential side effects including nausea, headache, and dizziness, among other things (see this article: Drugs & Medications), so it's possible that her behavioral changes are due from not feeling well because of those side effects...
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    What do you think our kitty’s breed is?

    I think that @FeebysOwner is spot-on! I was going to say brown mackerel tabby Domestic Shorthair for adorable Midge as well. Malibu is very pretty, but it is kind of hard to see her markings from those pictures (from the lighting, position, etc.), so if you have more pictures of her, that would...
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    Mother cat keeps bringing home prey for kittens

    Going along with what my fellow posters said, there's no way to prevent this except for keeping her indoors. All cats will hunt if given the chance, and mother cats bring prey to the kittens (either already dead, or partially killed) as a sort of hunting lesson.
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    Senior cat grieving or seriously ill?

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Liz. :alright: I do think that Gus's symptoms sound like something more medical, instead of just grieving symptoms alone. I would definitely get him checked out by a vet.
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    Took in stray; not sure what kind of cat he is?

    What a cutie! I totally agree with StefanZ. I would describe him as a brown classic tabby Domestic Shorthair. This pattern can also be described as marbled or bullseye tabby. He does have quite large ears and a triangular head shape, so I was thinking along the same lines as StefanZ, that he may...
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    A bit of Aegean in her perhaps?

    As a natural cat breed, Aegeans have a moderate body type and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, which means that many cats may resemble them. It is highly unlikely, however, that your pretty girl has Aegean influence, because they are found in their natural state only in Greece, and...
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    Describing Burdock's color

    He's adorable! I agree with @amethyst that his coloring is brown classic tabby. Some other names for this pattern are marbled- or bullseye tabby.
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    What background do you think my Moggy has??

    He's so cute! With any cat, unless they have a pedigree, we can't tell for sure what breed they are. That being said, your boy is a lookalike to a Snowshoe cat! To describe him, accurately you could describe him as a seal point bicolor Domestic Shorthair, or a Domestic Shorthair with snowshoe...
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    Cutting back on cat hair& smell inside?

    This article is about cat allergies specifically, but it has a lot of good general advice for cleaning, etc.: Living With Cat Allergy
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    Cat with Sinus infection / Rhinitis

    Check out this article: Why Has My Cat Stopped Eating And Is It Dangerous? One of the causes listed for a loss of appetite can be a loss of a sense of smell (due to a stuffy nose, for example). So, it could be that this is also related to her allergies (sneezing is also common of environmental...
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    Cat keeps meowing like she's in heat

    Sometimes, a spay surgery isn't "complete", meaning that there may be some remaining reproductive tissue that was accidentally not removed (called ovarian remnant syndrome). In cases like those, she would be unable to get pregnant, but there is still some hormone production, causing her to...
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    Mama Catss only wants human food

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any brilliant ideas about how to stop her from begging for human food, but something that I would recommend trying to get her to eat is Fancy Feast kitten, and then mixing some of the fancy feast appetizer in with the full amount of the kitten food. What I’m thinking...