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Site Help

  1. How To Add A Picture To Your Forum Post

    A picture's worth a thousand words so why not add photos to your message in the forums?

    The easiest way to add a photo to your message is by uploading one from your computer or mobile device. Here's how to do that:

    1. When creating a new message (in a new thread or while replying to an existing one), click where it says "Upload a File" -

    2. Select the image you're looking for on your hard drive and click open -
    3. Your image will now be uploaded to our server. Once the upload is...
  2. How To Reply In The Forums

    Reading a thread and want to add your input? Awesome! We'd love for you to take part in the conversation. Here's how.

    1. Navigate to the thread you would like to reply to. If you're replying to an email notification, you can click through from that email. Otherwise, find the forum of your choice and read through threads until you find one you wish to reply to.

    2. Scroll along the replies until you reach the last one on the page. Underneath that reply you will find a form where you can type...
  3. How To Create A New Thread

    Desktop version
    (scroll down for Mobile version)

    1. Find the forum where you want to create the message for your thread.

    You can see the list of forums by moving your cursor over the word Forums at the top navigation bar or by visiting our main forums page.

    2. Click through to the forum of your choice. For example, if you want to post a question about cat health, click on the Cat Health forum. You'll get to the health forum page where you'll see a list of existing threads.

    At the top...
  4. How To Edit Your Forum Signature?

    You can edit your signature to have a line of text and an image showing off your cats! First, here are a few things you need to know about your signature here at TheCatSite.com.

    1. Your signature may include -

    Up to one picture.
    Up to 5 smiley icons from the forum collection.

    2. Your signature may take up to 4 lines in total, including images. The image takes up one line so you can either have 4 lines of text (with up to 5 smilies in them) or 3 lines of text + one image.

    3. You can't...
  5. How To Purraise (heart)

    Purraise is our positive feedback system for the TCS community.

    Purraising a content item means you like it and think it is quality content. Purraise is a great way to let a member know that you appreciate his or her contribution. It is a nice way to spread a positive vibe around the community, so use it liberally!

    What kind of content items can be purraised?
    Purraise can be given to posts, articles, cat pages, reviews, gallery albums and images.

    How do I give purraise?

    If you find a...
  6. How To Change Your Avatar?

    The avatar is the image that shows up next to your content on the site. For example, in forum discussions, you'll see avatars next to posts -

    Follow these steps to change your avatar:

    1. At the top right-corner you'll see your username on the red navigation bar. Hover over it with your cursor to bring up the profile menu and select "Avatar" -
    2. Alternatively, click here (or on your username in the navigation bar) to bring up your account page and click on your avatar picture there -
  7. New Here? I Have A Few Suggestions For You!

    Are new here? I know "jumping into" a new community can seem daunting and would like to offer some tips to help you with a smooth and soft landing.

    Get to Know the Site
    TheCatSite.com is different from other cat websites. During our 17+ years of existence, we have developed a unique identity as a website and a community. Please do take a few minutes to read our Mission Statement on the About Us page. It's not very long, I promise!

    Next, you may want to familiarize yourself with our rules....
  8. 13 Surefire Tips For Getting Better, Faster Replies In The Forums

    When posting on the board, we all look for friendly and supportive responses from fellow cat lovers. Nothing is more frustrating then posting and not getting as many replies as you were hoping for. Or none at all. Here are some guidelines that should help you enhance your user experience on TheCatSite.com and help you create lots of positive interactions on the board.

    Writing Posts That Get Read
    If people are having trouble reading your posts, they're simply less likely to bother. Here are...
  9. Privacy Statement

    Written by TheCatSite.com

    At The Cat Site (TCS) we care about your privacy concerns. Please read the following statement to learn about our privacy policy.
    This site contains links to other sites. TCS is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites. This includes links to our associates and advertisers.
    We try to refrain from unnecessary use of cookies on TCS. However, cookies are used on our forums to enable their various advanced features....