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  1. a Prayer Answered

    ​Ma says I'm her soul kitty. She likes goatees on her men so I'm lucky in that respect! One of the favorite things we do together is watch documentaries on TV. My favorite is The White Lions. When I don't understand something I look at her and she explains it all to me. Glad I'm a house cat! I get confused sometimes and want to play like dogs do, so I had to teach ma how to play fetch! My favorite toys are paper balls, anything crinkly, beer bottle tops, plastic easter eggs, and rubber...
  2. Napoleon's Page - By jennyranson

    Name: Napoleon Sex: Male Year of Birth: 2004 Breed: Domestic Shorthair Fur Color: White Eye Color: Green Biography: Napoleon came to me at 5 months old, and was one of the happiest and cheekiest cats I ever knew. He was the favourite of almost all my visitors, friendly to everyone and ready to play or to curl up on a lap as soon as he met you. He was always in trouble or doing naughty things, but one could never be cross with him. I remember the night I returned home from a trip and as...
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