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Articles from chellma

  1. J.C.

    Great dinner, thanks Mom! J.C.'s grown cat photo. Just lounging around. J.C. in his liquid state. Just back from the vet after neuter and shots. J.C. with Momcat, Josie. A feral Mom cat started hanging around. Mom wanted to trap and spay her, but no such luck. They called her Josie. Then Josie showed up with a black kitten. It was me. They didn't know if I was a boy or girl so I was called Josie's child. When I was caught and taken to the vet, Mom said if I was a girl, I would be...
  2. Mimi

    I first lived with a bunch of drug dealers across the street from Mom.  They did not care for me very well.  Mom saw how bad off I looked and offered to buy me from them.  They said no. Because they were just plain hateful.  When the druggies were arrested, Animal Control was called by the narcs to get me.   Animal Control was going to put me down because I looked so bad and didn't weigh but 5 pounds full grown.   Mom snatched me from them and took me in her house.  That was in 2010,  I have...
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