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  1. rubysmama

    The early days of treating Feline Hyperesthesia

    I don't have any experience with Feline Hyperesthesia, but wanted to post and welcome you to TCS. Sorry though for the situation that brought you here. Sending vibes that things settle down soon for your precious girl. :vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes: You may have already seen some of these...
  2. FeebysOwner


    ...No one is touching her in the litter box. You've probably already done your own research, and have received articles about it - so here are just some more. Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome — What Is It and How Do You Treat It? - Catster Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome - We're All About Cats
  3. Crazycatwmn

    Doctor recommended for radioactive iodine NE USA

    Hello I’m looking for a doctor to get radioactive iodine for Peko within NY, NJ, or PA. Also is there any linkage between hyperthyroidism and hyperesthesia? Thank you
  4. blumarine916

    Is it hyperesthesia?

    ...with dilated pupils and keeps going from one room to another until the episode is over. I looked this up it seems to be symptoms of hyperesthesia. Is it dangerous? I feel so bad when she looked so agitated because she’s usually quite a lazy butt, mostly sleeping and eating. Is it also...
  5. fionasmom

    Bladder infection gone bad- running out of options

    Absolutely this is not hyperesthesia unless it is included along with everything else that is happening, so don't let the vet pass it off as that. Chelsea has lived comfortably for several years with hyperesthesia and it has never reached anything like your baby. I agree with those who think...
  6. Furballsmom

    Aggresive Cat is causing a lot of problem

    If your cat has this, one if the major ways to help is by reducing stress. Please pay attention to the things that have been posted here in this thread. Feline Hyperesthesia – TheCatSite Articles
  7. profcat

    Possible hyperesthesia?

    Our cat Gracie is about 4 years old. Healthy and active-- always a bit on the crazy size (running loops around the house before eating, etc.). During rhe day she's one of those cats that sleeps with her paws up in weird poses, and she's quite a snuggler at night. Really, an amazing cat...
  8. fionasmom

    Belly/Back muscle rapid contraction & behavior change

    Without seeing the video I can only guess at FHS...feline hyperesthesia syndrome. Discuss this with the vet as there are options for meds if you need them.
  9. Burts

    Constipation sick kitty

    My cats are also on royal fiber response and gastro food And since you me tioned vaccines my white persian developed hyperesthesia after advantage flea meds
  10. fionasmom

    Doctor recommended for radioactive iodine NE USA

    I have had two hyperthyridic cats and neither had hyperesthesia. However, another cat whose thyroid was fine did have it, diagnosed by the vet, not just anecdotally by me. In your area it would seem to me that there would be numerous places that are available for this; of course, I understand...
  11. minnie's mom

    The early days of treating Feline Hyperesthesia

    ...After our regular vet recommended that we consult with a dermatologist, we were finally told that she in all likelihood has Feline Hyperesthesia. She took her off of gabapentin and put her on prednisolone for swelling and itching, amitriptyline for the behavior, and buprenorphine in the...
  12. fionasmom

    Should you wake up a cat with nightmares?

    As the vet about hyperesthesia and show him the video you have.
  13. A

    My cat is being weird, any info would be helpful ailment, hyperethesia. Scientists know it originates in the cat brain, but the why/how is still unknown. Here is a good primer: Hyperesthesia Syndrome | Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Its considered a mild condition and not dangerous unless a cat is scratching...
  14. O

    My cat is being weird, any info would be helpful

    Thanks for the quick response I think that is what it might be, thanks for the help.
  15. FeebysOwner

    Flea meds neurological side effects?

    I also found this article that discusses hyperesthesia, some of the causes that can appear to mimic it, and other related information - just in case you might find it helpful! Hyperesthesia Syndrome
  16. LTS3

    Kitty mutilating his tail.

    ... I'd seek out another veterinary opinion before doing...
  17. fionasmom

    Just cats being cats or something else?

    I can only comment on hyperesthesia, which Chelsea who is 10 has. If we are assuming hyperesthesia here, the difference is that Chelsea has never reacted to normal objects as strange, but always went into "states" where her eyes got big and dark and she started to snarl at an unseen and...
  18. FeebysOwner

    My Cat Shakes Uncontrollably

    ...she got fleas for the first time (she is 16+), and we are still battling them. So, do the flea check first, just in case. As far as hyperesthesia, there is no way to diagnose it for sure, and there are varying levels of it as well. Feeby, likely has a mild case of hyperesthesia, and so I...
  19. LTS3

    My cat compulsively cleans himself

    ...of the condition or symptoms. You may need a specialist vet.
  20. Elphaba09

    Aggresive Cat is causing a lot of problem

    ...that a simple "Leave" or "Out" would set her off to such aggression. As others have said, there has to be something triggering her. Are you saying that she has Hyperesthesia syndrome? Has your vet addressed that possibility? What medications have your vet suggested for the anxiety and...