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    What should i feed my cat? ( i'm getting soon )

    In Europe you can buy Felini Complete which is the premix for raw/cooked meat. But please do your own research about this supplement and it's recipe. This is their page, you can also buy it from Amazon and Zooplus. English | Futterado
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    Cat food recommendation for multiple cats

    I understand, I’m vegetarian (almost vegan) and at first it was horrible for me to deal with any meat, canned included. Now I mostly feed commercial raw and it’s still painful, but I decided my cats need to get the most appropriate food for them. It’s getting easier to the point that I’ll start...
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    Cat food recommendation for multiple cats

    Some canned food is sold in the bigger, 10oz or 12oz cans, that would probably make sense for your crew. I know Tiki Cat is (I only recommend fish less After Dark line) as well as American Journey (a bit too much carbs but at least high protein, currently on sale on Chewy). I see that Holistic...
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    Older cat now stays only in living room, refuses to go into bedroom or bathroom; terrorized by younger cat

    Is Jasper neutered? I second the idea of the vet checkup for older kitty, some cats can behave aggressively towards other sick/weak cats.
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    Male cat constantly in heat and annoyed that queen is about to give birth

    To add to what’s already been said, if they won’t live separately on a daily basis, she will constantly be pregnant. I understand from your previous posts she’s already had kittens in March this year, and she will again in a few weeks, this is way too much and not a way to treat a cat. If you...
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    Intestinal Biopsy: Is it totally safe?

    did your vet mention the need to clean your apartment, especially her spots and completely change and disinfect the litter box while you're treating her? It's very easy to get re-infested with this bug. I remember there are some posts about giardia cleaning protocol but I can write what we did...
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    UK Kitten Food Recommendations- Organic, Hypoallergenic, Grain Free?

    GranataPet, Grau, Catz Finefood, Feringa - canned food, available from zooplus
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    Cat Food Deals Forum?

    Chewy’s brands (American Journey, tiny tiger) are buy 1, buy 1 50% off “Must add 2 qualifying items to cart for discount to apply at checkout. Offer valid on American Journey or Tiny Tiger cat food product. Limit 1 use per customer, limit 1 order per customer. Valid through 6/24/2020, while...
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    Best Walmart Wet Food Brand?

    Out of all the cat food available in Walmart, FF Classic Pate (and it’s local knock offs I hear) is probably the best food. Out of all cat food available in the US, FF is imo somewhere in the middle, as although it’s high protein and low carb and great calorie wise, it also contains unnamed...
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    Over-grooming - stress or allergy?

    thank you @Jem, this is helpful. Did she have a prolonged grooming sessions mainly or did she have instances when she was doing something and she would start licking out of the blue? My boy very often walks through the room and suddenly stops to lick his paws, it looks like a clear response to...
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    Changing toilet habit

    It could be that he doesn’t like new litter (pellets? Some cats don’t like pellets) enough to spend less time possible in there but not enough to stop using it completely
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    Over-grooming - stress or allergy?

    I'd like to hear from people with experience with both causes of over-grooming in cats, stress related and allergies. Is there any difference how cats with these conditions behave? Is there more scratching or more licking with allergies? Thank you!
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    Cat Has Environmental Allergies...Allergy Shots?

    How about air purifier? Are you using it and if so, did that mAke any difference?
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    C19 virus. What are the protocols for your veterinarian visits ?

    Can you arrange with them that you’ll bring a stool sample for them to examine and give you a medicine to apply at home? Given the circumstances, I imagine they’d do it.
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    pancreatitis and not eating...

    Is she getting any IV fluids and strong pain medication? Pancreatitis is very painful and if she’s in pain, no wonder she doesn’t want to eat. All the best for you and your kitty!