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    I have an update

    From my experience, walking a cat creates more issues than benefits (constant meowing begging to be let out, need to walk in the rain& snow to keep regular schedule, need for fleas medication and vaccinations as for an outdoor cat etc). Although there are cats that accept occasional walks only...
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    Wet vs dry?

    One of the vet told me once to add dry because it’s better for their teeth (sic), and it’s cheaper (she didn’t even ask about our budget). So many vets are clueless about cat nutrition, it’s unbelievable. If I was into conspiracy theories, I’d think they do this to get paid for treating cats for...
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    What breed do you think this kitten may be?

    Google oriental cats if you want to see big ears :) One of my favorite breed ever!
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    Making horrible loud sound during gag reflex, and hoarse meowing

    Have any parasites have been ruled out?
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    Head bonks

    I’ll add to this my boy, who is a head bonker, but also he has watery eyes and wet nose occasionally; needles to say where these liquids often end up..
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    Minwi is a licker

    It’s also possible that she loves your natural scent and wants more of it; my friend’s cat get high on his dirty shirts :)
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    Head bonks

    My girl seems genuinely uneasy when we move face too close to her; I don’t know her history so not sure if she was feral or stray when we found her, but it’s so unlike her character, that I have a theory that it’s ingrained in her dna that humans are predators after all and it’s not impossible...
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    I have an update

    I have two ideas to keep the noise down: 1. More litter- I noticed that my diggers make more noise when they can reach the bottom of the box, that’s one of the reason why I have lots of litter in the box. But this may in turn cause the mess outside to return. You may also try some heavier...
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    Cat introduction setback?

    I’m wondering if the fact that one of them is in the kennel doesn’t create any issues. If one of them is restrained, it creates sort of unequal ground. Would you be able to use pet gates fixed on one another at the door way? I won’t guarantee that would change anything but maybe it’s worth...
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    Introduction - two kittens

    With two male cats, you don’t have a luxury of waiting till they are 9months. I’d be surprised and somewhat worried if your vet didn’t agree with me on that one :)
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    Wet food grain free suggestion please

    The brands I mentioned (Grau, GranataPet, CatzFinefood,Feringa etc) can’t be bought in supermarkets, but only at smaller pet shops locally or at as linked by @Furballsmom (thank you!), so it’s possible you’ve never heard of them. It’s not British food but German, but they deliver...
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    Kitten always hissing

    One of my cats almost never hisses, I’ve only heard him doing it on two occasions: when he’s given fresh raw meat and the other cat gets too close to him, and when I’m playing with the Da Bird wand with him :) I actually really like cat’s hiss, it’s such a “subtle”, graceful message :) But...
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    Cat Food Deals Forum?

    And I’ve just noticed that Weruwa and BFF variety pouches are 50% off on chewy. But to whoever buys them, please note that you can recycle these pouches, please do... I’m insterting useful message about it:
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    Two overweight cats

    Even grain free food can be loaded with carbs if they contain peas, corn. I have two active cats, 2-3 yo, and if I feed canned, I feed them half of what you feed yours: one 5.5 or 6oz can for both each morning and each evening. One cat is smaller so she eats less of it, the bigger cat gets...
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    Yet another cat pooping outside the box... please help!

    You could try other environmentally friendly options, I currently use grass seed litter (SmartCat or SoPhresh) and although it’s not flushable as it clumps too well for that, it’s anywhere near as bad as clay litter. And so you know, flushing litter, especially feces, is not really good for...