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    Pictures on the can label

    Here are some brands that I know are shredded or sliced. For a lot of them I can't remember if there's veggie chunks in them or not. My kitty never took to the shredded/sliced texture. Fussie Cat By Nature stews (although they do have a pic on the can, and it looks like there's whole veggies...
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    Pictures on the can label

    Have you tried the product website before buying? Stay away from Halo if you don't like the chunks of veggies.
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    Black Forest Cake - Tips?

    Any tricks to getting the chocolate shavings to stick on the side of the cake?
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    Black Forest Cake - Tips?

    Thanks, everyone! Funny thing, I opened up the Pillsbury cookbook and they had Black Forest Cake...made with cherry pie filling!
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    Black Forest Cake - Tips?

    A friend is coming in Sept. Their birthday is late August, so we agreed that we'd celebrate it when they come. I'm planning on making Black Forest Cake, but the recipes I've come across seem a bit complicated. Does anybody have tips on how to make the cake come out right?
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    Best Cat Food

    Friskies is fine, but I keep it on my special purpose food list. Friskies also has a strong odor, so I reserve it for times when extra scent is needed to whet appetite. Sickness or old age, for instance.
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    A very thin cat

    Have you taken him to the vet? I would make sure there are no parasites that are causing weight problems.
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    Geography Game

    Metropolis, Illinois They have a Superman fest every year.
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    IMO Wellness is better than Merrick, but there were reports of UTIs a while back with Wellness. I believe everything was anecdotal, but it'd be pretty hard to prove, too, unless all cats that ate Wellness suddenly got UTIs. There's lots of good cats foods, though. I've never tried Dave's, but...
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    Acceptable medium-price canned cat foods?

    Have you considered Authority (Petsmart house brand) or Hound and Gatos?
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    Alternatives to expensive Urinary SO food

    Friskies pate-style, as @2Cats4Me has suggested, is good. Other options include Sheba or Fancy Feast. Sometimes all that is needed is wet food with additional water. Since you indicate there isn't much room in the budget, though, I would measure the urine pH at home with pH sticks. You get them...
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    Teach Me About Feline Nutrition!

    I would rotate among the Wellness, Blue Wilderness, and Soulistic if you are happy with those. Get a few 3 oz. cans of each to see if she'll accept them. Avoderm, IIRC, is not the worst food, but it is a bit higher in carbs than I like to see. Since she's still a kitten she should be allowed to...
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    Teach Me About Feline Nutrition!

    The raw forum is really the raw AND homecooked forum. Homecooked, though, involves more simply because then you have to take the extra step of cooking it. Since cooking food also changes nutritional values, there's more guesswork and uncertainty as to how to prepare the food so that it is...
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    My eBay bestseller

    I still have one! I saved a bunch of e-mails that I want for sentimental reasons, plus some other miscellaneous files. But I have to get up off my duff, find the drive, set it up, and transfer the data. I initially got it because I did graphic design and that was the storage medium of choice...
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    Teach Me About Feline Nutrition!

    Here are some good places to get the basics: Lisa Pierson's site is pretty much required reading for cat nutrition. Her concepts are summarized here. I think it is a little more digestible, but it is kinda like reading Cliff's Notes--the basics and not from the original...