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    Thinking Of Transitioning To Raw For Possible Ibd Kitty.

    I've never seen any cases in all the cat health groups I'm in where a cat with lymphoma was cured from any natural remedies alone. GI lymphoma is especially tough. It goes undetected for a long time and often when it's discovered it's pretty advanced. Small cell is much easier to treat but large...
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    Rotating Canned With Raw?

    How was the IBD diagnosed? Was an ultrasound done recently?
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    Thinking Of Transitioning To Raw For Possible Ibd Kitty.

    They just don't understand raw, so they parrot what they are told about nutrition (which isn't much). Even immune compromised cats can eat raw just fine, they still have incredibly acidic digestive systems. I know someone (she used to be active here she has old threads about it) that had her cat...
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    Slippery Elm Vs. Marshmallow Root?

    I've never heard of any cats developing crystals from using it and we have a lot of people giving in the IBD cat groups on facebook, but you could use marshmallow in place if you're concerned. I don't know that it thickens up into a syrup like SE does tho. I know in general they have similar...
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    Slippery Elm Vs. Marshmallow Root?

    They have similar benefits, but SE tends to work better for nausea.
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    Chronic Kidney Disease

    I have a cat that's been early stage 2 for over a year. Calcitriol is my number one suggestion, but also low phos raw or homecooked diet. His numbers basically haven't moved since he went on calcitriol.
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    Thinking Of Transitioning To Raw For Possible Ibd Kitty.

    I have a cat with GI lymphoma/pancreatitis/leaky gut (which caused the GI lymphoma) and CKD that eats raw. Best diet possible for a GI compromised cat.
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    Chicken And Rice

    Why would you put rice in it? Cats are obligate carnivores, no rice! they can't use or digest that. It's even useless for dogs...
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    Rad Cat (radagast) Recall Expanded

    I fed a slew of the recalled lots without any issues. Rad Cat is such excellent food, they've really gone above and beyond to try and please the FDA.
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    Store Bought Or Homemade Raw For Ibd Cat

    I like Rad Cat for IBD cats, as bone can be harder for them to digest. If you really want to know if there is an underlining GI issue get an ultrasound.
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    My Cats Dont Want To Eat Anything

    I know vegans and vegetarians making raw food for their cats. It's so easy it's literally no different than buying Rad Cat, and it's giving your cats the best food you possibly can.
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    My Cats Dont Want To Eat Anything

    Agar-agar, cassia, and guar gum, yikes this food is basically gum.
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    My Cats Dont Want To Eat Anything

    Rad Cat and Merrick aren't even in the same ballpark. Variety is key to preventing boredom but if your cats like raw why offer them sketchy canned food? You can make your own for half the price of Rad Cat with EZcomplete or alnutrin and rotate in Rad Cat to keep costs down. I feed a rotation of...
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    Cat Won't Eat Vitamin & Supplement Treats

    There's no evidence L-Lysine does anything. I have no idea why vets love to prescribe it, but there is nothing that supports that it helps the immune system or dose anything for URI flares. Lactoferrin has some valid science behind it, though.
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    Food Help - Possible Ibd

    enlarged lymph nodes can be from infection, IBD, and lymphoma, too, so why are they jumping to the conclusion it's FIP? Why didn't they biopsy the lymph nodes?