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    Safe Toy Similar to Breeze Pellets

    Thank you! I think I have some. I will try!
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    Safe Toy Similar to Breeze Pellets

    My cat likes to play with the Breeze litter pellets. LOVES it. I never see her so excited to play. She doesn't play by herself that often. Aside from the gross factor of her batting litter all over the house, I don't want her to accidentally swallow it or something. She doesn't like balls, which...
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    How to disinfect safely

    I did a search and did not see any posts addressing this. Sorry if I missed it. How are you safely disinfecting everything through this coronavirus situation. I usually use natural products to clean but it’s really not going to cut it now. But I’m afraid of my cat getting sick from traditional...
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    Yesterday's News

    Do you need to use more litter when filling the box with this kind? I am having trouble finding bags smaller than 30 lbs (unscented) so i'm wondering if you just need to use a lot and that's why it typically comes in a large bag. I tried to buy (5) 6lbs bags on Amazon but only one made it to me...
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    Transition from Breeze system to regular litter

    Thank you! I thought about having a regular and breeze box but I really don’t have room ☹️ The regular litter falls through the slits which makes it very heavy and messy to clean. If that’s what I have to do then that’s what I have to do. Hoping I was missing an easier way.
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    Transition from Breeze system to regular litter

    This might be a silly question but anyway...Is there any way that is not gross and difficult? Trying to transition from regular litter to the breeze system was not fun, but maybe I’m doing something wrong. I guess to slowly transition I can put litter in the bottom part and the litter would...
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    Using cedar to prevent bugs-ok for cats?

    I use cedar (blocks, balls, things that hang on hangers, etc.) to try to repel bugs in my closets and dresser drawers. It never occurred to me that it might be bad for cats. Should I get rid of everything cedar? If so, what else can I use to repel bugs? I vacuum very often already...
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    At home allergy / intolerance test

    Yea the reason I haven’t gotten one yet is bc the vets say it’s not worth it, but I have multiple air purifiers (one of which can detect if the air is polluted-and it hasn’t been), my cat is on medicine and even after increasing the dose (which I really don’t want to do bc I don’t want her to...
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    At home allergy / intolerance test

    Has anyone tried an at home allergy (or intolerance) test? I found one from 55strands here that tests a lot of things including fruits, veggies, meat, seafood, additives, living things (dust mites, mice, etc.), cleaning supplies, fabric, fungus/mold, grasses/trees/plants, spices, and some other...
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    CBD oil experiences

    I know there’s conflicting ideas about using CBD with cats, but I am thinking about it since nothing seems to really help my cat. For this who use it: For what reason What brand Dose Time to notice effects, if any How long have you been using Thank you in advance
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    Young Cat Hip Problems

    Turns out she has patella luxation. Apparently rare in cats, but that’s Maya...indoor only city cat gets heart worm, then has a condition rare in cats...puzzling everyone all around with inconsistent symptoms. I am going to get a second opinion from a specialist and start Dasuquin in the...
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    Marshmallow Bed

    Does anyone have the marshmallow bed for their cat? It looks sooo comfy I want one (for myself :lol: ) I know every cat is different, but I’m curious if anyone has tried it. marshmallow bed
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    Young Cat Hip Problems

    Thank you :) She gets gabapentin before going to the vet. I've tried many types of calming products--feliway plugs in every room even though I don't think they do anything, Feliway calming spray, bach rescue remedy, Jackson Galaxy, some other kind of stress tincture I can't recall the name...
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    Young Cat Hip Problems

    Maya just turned six a few months ago has a hip problem (on top of asthma :(). She's getting x-rays on Friday, but whatever it could be doesn't sound good. Seems like nothing hip related is an easy fix. I'm kicking myself because I noticed something wasn't right a year ago and during vet visits...
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    How Have You Decluttered Lately?

    Swedish Death Cleaning is a thing. Makes sense!