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    Cat follows me into the bathroom for attention?

    My cat will sit on the toilet seat lid and meow at me the entire time i am in the shower. Almost to make sure im ok? or maybe just singing? lol I have no idea. But when I get out she will rub against my legs a time or two and get me all hairy and then run away! I just dont know about her...
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    How often do you scoop/empty and wash your litterbox

    I keep my litter boxes in the garage and all three of my cats are indoor/outdoor cats. I do scoop both of them everyday but because they are outside for a good portion of the day there is not much in them. I only scrub the pans and replace the litter maybe every 2 to 4 weeks. I guess the need to...
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    Bedroom and kitty

    My cat Daisy will scream hours on end to get in the bedroom and then scream to just get back out again. I always figured it was due to the nature of their behavior. They like to be aware of their surroundings and to know where "their" people are at. I've noticed my male cat will literally make...
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    What do you feed your cats on?

    Each one of my babies has their own distinct dish ... just random cute dishes that picked up from antique stores or what have you. One of my cat eats to fast so she has a deeper bowl that takes her longer to work at so she doesn't throw up afterwards. I will have to take pictures when I get Home!
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    Dominance, bullying, or just pure gluttony??

    My cats do not share their food and will not eat out of each other's wet food dishes. But cats have instincts that we do not always understand. Some animals send someone to sample the food first to make sure it does not make them sick before the others are ok'd to eat it. If there is no...
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    Scratching carpet and doorways

    I realize that this post is older and the problem is most likely resolved. However, I used to have this problem and it really does make you resent you fur babies and it would even severely interrupt my sleep. I bought Carpet Scratch Stoppers online that are specially designed for this problem...
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    Possible UTI, anything I can do to help her now?

    Daisy is doing great she said that all of her other tests were normal and the medication has done its job. And she may have been stressed because my brother moved in with me for a few weeks and they may have done it, even though he is hardly there. She is also on an all wet food diet and she...
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    Possible UTI, anything I can do to help her now?

    I used to really like my vet, he was fantastic. However, he retired and the woman who took over his practice just wasn't as great. But I have officially switched vets to one across town that a co-worker recommended. She even gave my other kitties free exams because I told her about my problems...
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    Possible UTI, anything I can do to help her now?

    Thank you for the great advice. I was able to take her to another vet last night and she will be ok, the vet started her on medication for now and she should have the test results back soon just in case it could be anything else, but she does believe it is a UTI also. My poor baby 
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    Possible UTI, anything I can do to help her now?

    This morning my cat daisy, about 11 years old but very healthy, peed in the tub this morning and  it looked like there may have been a little blood in it. I dont have the money to take her to an emergency animal hospital and my vet can't get me in for about 2 days. She doesnt seem to be in any...
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    Tearing up the carpet

    You really need Carpet Scratch Stoppers, they are specially made mats just for this problem. The mats fit in the doorways and cover the areas that my cats would tear up. I have only ever rented two apartments and my cats destroyed the carpet in the first one and it cost me a lot of money to fix...
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    Wit's End. Cat is going to have to go. Help.

    I have three cats and have 3 litter boxes. I do agree that you need four litter boxes, and when you get the other boxes make sure you pre existing ones are clean with fresh litter also. Then take one of his "piles" and burry it in one of the boxes so it will smell like him and hopefully the...
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    Kitty Wakes me Up at 4am in the Morning for Food!

    I think he now expecting to eat every four or five hours so he doesnt realize that it is night time .. all he knows is its his feeding time.  Try half can in the morning and half can right before you go to bed. Maybe if you draw out the time before feeding and feed him more at those times he...
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    Comment by 'lianaspoken' in article 'How To Safely Bathe A Cat: The Complete Guide'

    I have only ever bathed one of my cats and it was for her benefit. I have had her since a kitten and so I have the luxury of getting here used to it a young age, however "used" to it she never became. Nevertheless her reaction is still fear but less trying to claw her way up to my chest. Few...
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    Bad Bad Kitty Pics!

    This is great, i have plenty of pictures that look like this. I cant wait to find them and post them up. I probably have a dozen pics of one of my cats up in the christmas tree alone!