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    Cat scratching wall

    That was the issue when mine was doing it I think. Drove me nuts. I could hear them myself during the winter so I'm sure she was trying to get to them too. Thankfully they seem to have vacated for the summer.
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    Complaint sites

    I don't think renters insurance covers damages caused by movers from what I read (moved last year and looked into this). You can certainly save money hiring randoms from the internet, but there is risk involved due to liability like you mentioned, not to mention the possibility of theft. IMO...
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    What Food Are You Craving?

    I think they've had a few food poisoning issues over the years. As for the taste and value, I love it.
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    Changing cat's name

    I renamed mine when I got her but I doubt she really noticed. She responds when I yell "Hey!" to get her off the counter more than if I use her name anyway. I should have named her Temptations because that's what gets her attention the most!
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    ?pretty litter?

    Mine didn't have a problem with it. Doesn't really clump up as much as other brands. Kind of pricey as I recall though.
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    What Food Are You Craving?

    A lot of people think it's garbage but I would love a barbacoa burrito from Chipotle right about now.
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    Do you still have these in your house?

    Yes yes yes no no
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    Introducing Betty White

    lol what a great name!