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    Kitten help?

    I was going to say at that weaning/just beginning to wean she I feed kittens kitten gruel. That is 1/2 kitten pate wet food & 1/2 KMR (or a kitten replacement milk.) For the runs try adding some baby rice cereal to their gruel. (It helps with the runs. If you can not get this make mushy white...
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    Is this a normal activity level?

    I go back to getting him a playmate if you can. I’m glad he is healthy! Has for dry food even “high” protien only gets you about 40-44% protien. So wet food is better ...... unless you have a super finicky picky eater that will only eat things with tuna in it like my little twerp! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Then...
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    Pre-Moving Anxiety

    I agree with Mamany1953 I would also add that you might request a weeks worth of light sedatives for each cat. Sedatives made a huge difference when my mom’s reformed feral needed a daily saline IV & to have to use a litter box(instead of outside like normal.) So just in case one or both of...
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    Is this a normal activity level?

    My gut instinct is to have the vet check him, explain his lack of activity. My hyper terror calmed down & I figured he was finally calming down with old age. He had severe asthma! On the other hand Cami is part ragdoll and she looks like she ate some sedatives 24/7! Sure she plays every once...
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    new 6 week old kitten - socialization tips?

    Being the furniture worked for mutiple cats. It helped raise 3 cuddly kittens into snuggly cats ..... even the one with bypersensatvity when you pet her. Cami doesn’t like to be pet but she loves to be next to or on us. This is Jackie who I raised from 4 weeks on. He views me as furniture half...
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    new 6 week old kitten - socialization tips?

    What did the vet say? Does she have health issues? Or is she ok? Is she on kitten gruel? 1/2 kmr & 1/2 kitten wet food. Or is she all on solid food? Kittens as young can be put on solid food only but left to their own devices will take a bit of milk or nursing until they are 7-8 weeks old. At...
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    cat breathes funny (with video)

    My boy had severe asthma that was so bad that I had to put him to sleep.... he couldn’t catch his breath. He never sounded like that, though his activity level went way down. That said I had a cat that as a kitten had a bad URI. It cleared up but he snores.He is a senior now, still snoring & it...
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    so I have a ghost cat... seriously

    If you don’t feel it is evil then it probably isn’t. Plus in my experience cats keep the evil ones away. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Could it be a stray cat? Or a ghost cat? I don’t see ghost but I did see a shadow bobcat walk on the wall once. Weirdly enough 2 other people have seen the shadow cat over a decade...
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    Almost 3-week-old kitten refusing bottle

    I did have some piranha kittens that defiantly upped their game at 5 weeks. I resorted to feeding them milk/kmr from a saucer and giving the runt an extra week of bottle time (I was down to the last nipple!) However at 3 weeks I think the kitten is to young for a saucer. You can try it though.
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    Almost 3-week-old kitten refusing bottle

    On YouTube thekittenlady has a video called : 10 tips for tricky bottle baby kittens. I would suggest you watch the video. Please keep us posted. Hopefully someone with more experience can weigh in here.
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    Not sure this is right place..looking for info on cat containment fence

    My escape artist is well watched & I ussually catch him before escape. I will untangle him and he stops. If he escapes he is real good about letting me catch him & put him back in his harness (which I then walk him a bit so the twerp gets a positive reward for letting me catch him & it doesn’t...
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    Not sure this is right place..looking for info on cat containment fence

    If you pull up on the leash (like a straight line above your naughty kitty) it stops there backward crawl. Jackie escapes because I give him ‘yard’ time off my apartment porch. He escapes by looping around stuff (bushes, pots) & getting his leash caught.... which makes his leash taunt for his...
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    Do male cats try to kill unborn kittens?

    I have heard stories of breeders who mom & dad coraise the kittens. Also I had a neutered male cat who adopted two 13 day old kittens. The runt was failing to thrive. So on the third day I gently held him and let her nurse off him. After that first nursing he mommied them and let Janey nurse...
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    Not sure this is right place..looking for info on cat containment fence

    I was going to recomend purrfect fence but Murmanyt1953 beat me to it. A catio is always an option. I harness trained the 3 kittens then adopted 1. I have yet to find a harness my twerp can’t escape if he gets the leash taunt. Luckily he lets me catch him a minute or two later & put his harness...
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    "Little boy" resident cat not adjusting well to newest cat.

    A real cat fight had blood, yowling & flying fur. It sounds like your bully is doing what Dante used to do. He would jump on Salem & nip him between the shoulder blades. It was the equivalent of giving him a noogie or a “playful” punch in the arm that gave the victim a dead arm. 🤦🏻‍♀️ It was...