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    Are my kittens Ragdolls?

    Your babies look like fluffy siamese (which means a mix.) I can’t tell by the picture but they look like they might have a longer over coat (does it blur their fur in every picture) & do they have angora soft fur? That is like a ragdoll. About the three kittens parents I know very little. They...
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    Extremely vocal kitty, what is he trying to say?

    I was going to ask if the cat could be part siamese 🤣🤣🤣 btw that meowing is nothing! It is soft & almost polite in the second video that I watched! 🤣 Jackie likes to yodel, talk to me & try to boss/annoy me into letting him out. His yowling singing was the worst & he lives to do it in the...
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    Are my kittens Ragdolls?

    Oh my goodness you have baby lynx point siamese mix!!!!! 😻 They might be part ragdoll. It looks like they have medium length fur. They will darken a lot as they age; up ho 2 years. Rag dolls all slow growers so just assume they are still growing until 2. To know for sure you would need to do a...
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    Cat will not let me sleep?

    I’m on SSI & it took 11.5 months to approve it. That year of couch surfing without pain meds was hell! My cat Dante got me through it. So I get fincail issues! They sell pet diapers but I would avoid them if you can. Cat pee sitting on the skin will give your kitty burns on the skin ..... Sarah...
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    Cat will not let me sleep?

    Thank you for saying they are adorable! Jackie lives with me but visits his brother/bff (& sister) at Nana’s house on the weekend. As for a harness? 🤣🤣🤣 Jackie can get out of any harness! If he gets the leash caught or pulled tight he can wiggle backwards out of it in under 2 seconds. I found it...
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    Cat will not let me sleep?

    🤣🤣🤣 you can train cats! Cats are as intelligent as dogs ..... but you have to bribe them. My 18 month old cat sits, stands up and with one or both paws pats my fingers that are holding the treats, does an OK spin .... he is still working on it plus he now gets in his cat tree to take his harness...
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    Getting cats who don't like to go to the vet into a carrier

    Jackie has started hiding at Nana’s house when I load up the car to take him him 🙄 so I have resolved to lock him in the bathroom first, load up the car & then take him. (He isn’t scared of cats he just kinda sulks/protest meows the first 10 minutes & then calms down almost nodding off 🙄)...
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    Cat will not let me sleep?

    It sounds like some of it is family trouble (they lock her out!?!?! You don’t lock family out!), some of it is training & some of it is seperation anxiety. So #1 your family needs to never lock her out again!!! #2 get her on a schedule. She is fed at this time, you play with her at this time...
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    Will forcing my brat to eat the same kind/flavor of (Non-fish) wet food Work? Will it hurt him?

    I called my local petco & they sell a couple of brands. So I will try a few. I mainly give him variety & make sure he gets different protein every day so he doesn’t get bored. I try to keep his chicken to just a bit. He isn’t to fond of lamb, I’m wondering if he might like pork? (He had rabbit...
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    Will forcing my brat to eat the same kind/flavor of (Non-fish) wet food Work? Will it hurt him?

    He is doing ok eating food that is mixing 2 cans together or already mixed in the can. He eats half & half but he prefers the tuna lickable treats straight up like he gets at Nana’s house. 🙄 I’m going to start mixing everything he eats at Nana’s house to. Hopefully over the next year I can get...
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    Good pet health insurance?

    I like the ASCPA kind of plans but I dislike the ASCPA (euthanizing healthy animals & those guilt ridden annoying commercials!!! They forever ruined that ‘in the arms of the angels’ song! Not that it was my favorite but still. 😑 So I will keep looking. My mom suggested I just open a savings...
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    Will forcing my brat to eat the same kind/flavor of (Non-fish) wet food Work? Will it hurt him?

    Jackie is a fish loving picky terror! He is down to eating 1/16-1/4 cup of dry food max every day. Thing is he is crazy picky about his wet food. What he likes one week or month he dislikes later. I try to give him lots of variety. He is insisting on most of his food being tuna or whitefish...
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    Are these cats fighting or playing?

    I agree with everyone else! It is play & the orange kitty is being extremely polite about it. Jackie & Nick look like they are almost fighting when they play. What I have noticed is one cat taps the other. Then that other cat taps back ......, then the wrestling begins! Also ussually the younger...
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    Building a cat tree/condo and need some insight.

    I have never built a cat tree..... I’m not handy. That said I think a lot depends on the cat. Is your cat monkey cat/avid climber that lives to be high? If so you want to build something that goes to a bed right up by the ceiling. Does your cat love to hide & burrow? Is kitty a ground dweller...
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    10-week old kitten pees on blanket?

    Yeah at 10 weeks I like them to be in their room with a litter box plus a box in every other room they are allowed in with supervision. Plus 8-16 Week old kittens are adorable destructive trouble magnets. A kitten safe room is your best bet! The things they get into will give you grey hair! 🙀