Why does he chew cords???


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May 13, 2020
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Hi all,
Ever since Archie was a tiny kitten (he's not quite 4mos now) & has chewed thru numerous electrical cords. This morning I found a 3rd phone charger he'd chewed thru! Please help


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Aug 29, 2014
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Cats usually do it out of boredom. Make sure that you're playing with your cat often. Sometimes a second cat will help relive the boredom but not everyone can get a second cat for whatever reason. Kittens have no manners so you need to teach them good behavior while discouraging the bad ones. Most kittens outgrow inappropriate chewing as they get older.

Here's a TCS article with tips to discourage the chewing:

Try to put all your cords out of reach or cover them with cord protectors. Office supply stores sell these or you can DIY by taking clear plastic tubing and slitting down one side. Tuck the cords into the tube through the slit. Aquarium tubing is pretty cheap and flexible but doesn't really hold up to cat teeth for long. Hardware stores sell thicker plastic tubing in a variety of diameters. I'm sure a hardware store can cut a length for you if you don't need the whole roll. Coating the outside of the tubing or protector with bitter apple spray may help too.

Here are some threads with additional info:



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Jun 1, 2017
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Some cats chew stuff when they are hungry as well. But yeah its usually boredom or just something that seems fun to them.

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Feb 23, 2016
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He might be teething.

Cats have primary (deciduous) teeth just like humans. After a few months, they shed their primary teeth to make room for their permanent teeth to grow in. During that time, they might chew on things, inappropriately.

Humans are the same way. Children shed their primary teeth to make room for their adult teeth. As their teeth grow in they might want to chew things to soothe their gums.

The way to solve this involves two things:

1) Give the cat something appropriate to chew on. A special toy or some (safe) object that they can chew on. Maybe a small, rubber chew toy. (I don't know... every cat is different.) Whatever the object, encourage them to chew on it by playing with them using the toy and by praising them when they do.

2) Discourage chewing on inappropriate things. You can put cords inside covers to prevent chewing. You can put bad-tasting (safe) substances on things that you don't want the cat to chew. You can buy special sprays at the pet store that are supposed to taste bad to cats but I have always used Tabasco sauce. It doesn't take much. Just a couple of dabs on a paper towel and wipe it on. Refresh it every day or so. Tabasco sauce won't hurt a cat but it will make their mouth feel hot the second they taste it!

When a cat chews on something you don't want them to chew, scold them in an appropriate way, take them away from the thing you don't want them to chew and substitute an appropriate item for them to chew. Play with them then praise and pet them when they do what you want.

If you are consistent, it won't take long to teach them what is allowed to chew and what is not.

Cats are usually done teething by the time they are six months old. It shouldn't be much longer before this whole thing blows over and he stops teething on things.