Tips to prevent spraying...before it starts


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Jul 21, 2018
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I've posted a little in other threads about a kitten we recently adopted. He's 16 weeks old now and has a grade 5 heart murmur. We just went to his latest check-up yesterday, vet confirmed the murmur hadn't improved, and we now have a referral to a cardiologist. Because of the severity of his murmur, he can't be neutered right now, maybe ever, but especially not until we know more from cardio. They have about a three month wait list (not many options in this area) question.

Is there anyway to help stop spraying or prevent it, just anything at all that could help just a little while he's intact? If we can eventually get him fixed, we definitely will but until then? I'm nervous about his spraying everywhere once he reaches maturity.

If it matters, we also have two female (fixed) cats and one female (also fixed) dog. Watson (the kitten) gets along great with the dog and one of the cats. He'd love to get along with the other cat if she'd let him. They aren't too terrible around each other, she just hisses at him from time to time when he acts like his typical kitten self but obviously their relationship could be way worse. They'll all sleep on the bed together and share space, she really only hisses when he gets extremely close or tries to pounce (typical cat/kitten stuff IMO).

I meant to ask the vet but it just slipped my mind with everything going on with him. I feel like most google articles just say "fix him!" (I'd love to) and read a little bit of advice about working on his confidence and making sure there's no strays around, etc. Any other words of wisdom that aren't often mentioned? Any input would be great!


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Feb 20, 2019
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Istanbul, Turkey
I'm by no means an expert but based on the street cats and the male cats of my relatives, they spay more as they get older. Where I live most people wait until the kitten is at least like 5-6 months old. My one cousin waited until her one cat was like 11 months old or so due to health concerns. He had access to outside and if he were to spay, he usually spayed outside and even when he tried at home there was nothing left anyway.

These things really depend on the individual cat too. One street cat here got neutered at maybe 10 months? 11? He was definitely not small. And only the last month female cats around started to get his attention. No trying to mate or spaying before that.

In your situation my concern would be his stress level with the female cats if it's not possible to ever neuter him. Eventually he will try to mate with them which is stressing for them, and they will aggressively reject him which is stressing for him. Hopefully the cardiologist will have optimistic news!