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Aug 26, 2018
When I first took Angus in, he was door-darting to the point that just opening the door was a struggle. It seemed more like curiosity than any real desire to escape so I got a harness and leash. If he wanted outside, he had to wear the harness and he's a smart little guy. He picked up on the 'rule' so quickly that he would sit beside where I kept the harness and leash and start meowing when he wanted to go out. As a result, weather permitting he gets a nightly constitutional around the complex (where my neighbors are greatly amused at the sight of a cat on a leash).
View media item 421674View media item 421673View media item 421675
He loves to climb trees
View media item 421676View media item 421681 Sometimes his eyes are bigger than his body View media item 421680
He also likes to 'hunt' the flock of Canadian geese who hang out in the area. View media item 421679


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Jan 24, 2017
Central Illinois, USA
dustydiamond1 dustydiamond1 love her sniffing the burning bush. :redheartpump:
Our little Tyrannosaurus Cat. She does a lot of checking the sniff mail, but usually I'm not fast enough to get a photo of her up on her hind legs. There are a few cats wandering loose, they have collars. Gypsy also leaves messages on bushes.