Meet Ghost - Follow along with intros to RCs

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Apr 29, 2022
Ghost himself has been a delight. He loves to be brushed and to play. He's a good eater. He's gained muscle that he very much needed. He's an okay size now but if he gains a touch more muscle we'd be happy too.

The shelter has done a great job with him. He gained 1.5 lbs when there. But we're happy that he's feeling softer, his fur is all brushed out and he has significantly more energy. He was getting tired after a few minutes of play. We've had some smoke pollution which is causing some panting occasionally, especially if he's also stressed but the vet said we'd run some tests if it continues past a few weeks. They want to give some time for the pollution to clear and for his stamina to build since the panting is already reduced and he doesn't have any signs of respiratory distress such as coughing without hairball.

Our friend came on the weekend. He thinks Ghost will grow. His back paws are a little too big for him right now. His estimated age of 2 might be off; or he could have delayed growth.

He follows the lead of the other cats a lot. He seems fascinated by having cat friends. He's gentle so we can estimate that he stayed long enough with his litter mates.

He started off being very cuddly with us humans, but now he prefers to spend time with the boys. We think the present fascination will settle and he will be like the other boys eventually, loving both his fur family and human family at different times.

He's learning to sit and is trying to figure out how to use the buttons to ask for play. He sees the other boys use them. He's still learning his name too, but Magnus and Calcifer have his name down. They narrate what Ghost does with the buttons or sometimes help him by pressing buttons on his behalf.

Ghost is also learning to sit for treats.

Ghost did hiss at a delivery driver today. Odd because we get packages often and he's also been fine with guests. Calcifer was sitting next to him at the time and didn't respond in any way to the hiss.