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    The Chuba died

    Very sorry for your loss.
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    #transformation - just sharing

    Thank you so much for saving this cat....its a such good feeling when you see them get their health back
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    Rest in Peace, Oliver

    So sorry for the loss of your beautiful little boy
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    Photo Competition: January 2021 - Curious Cats

    Tim "Nothing to see here"
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    Christmas Cats

    She does look super cute
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    Sweet Stories

    The morning cuddles are the best way to wake up
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    Sweet Stories

    My cat Tim has a few funny/sweet things. One of my favorites is when I get into my room and say its bedtime he runs in behind me and smacks me on the leg and then I see his little cat butt crawling under the bed. Once I banged my elbow on the freezer and was bent over in pain, he slowly walked...
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    First Cat Shelter

    I'm originally from Winnipeg but moved to Brandon just over 20 years ago.
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    First Cat Shelter

    Pic didn't post properly
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    First Cat Shelter

    Well the other morning just before I left for work at 0450 AM I did a double take as I have a second floor condo and saw a cat looking at me through the sliding glass door. I know my neighbor had been feeding a little white and black cat so I think it was that one. Then I'm sure a minute later...
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    What are your grooming routines?

    Brushing every second day, usually just the areas where his coat is longer with a comb.....but usually once a week I give him a real good going over with the furminator brush.....I usually clip his front nails when I notice they hook in my skin when we rough house lol......he doesn't like being...
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    Wondering is my cat is a Norwegian Forest mix

    Well whatever she is, she is a lovely girl.
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    Hi All, new the the site.

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    Toilet habits

    I agree about the furminator....first time I used it I got a literal handful of hair off of Tim.....also noticed a lot less hair on my clothes etc lately
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    Christmas Cats

    Just a big thanks to all that shared the pics of their cute cats and Christmas. I'd like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe New Years for you and your families and that includes your pets as they of course are family.