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    Toll The Bell - The Queen Of The Ferals Is Gone

    I'm so sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers go out to you during this difficult time. RIP Princess Mama Kitty
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    Moving House, Taking The Colony With Me.

    I can't believe it's been 3 years already. They are all so beautiful and healthy looking. Thanks for sharing, I always look forward to your updates.
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    Reeling In Pain And Guilt For The Loss Of My Darling Cleo

    I'm so sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers go out to you during this difficult time.
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    Feedback Can We Get The Old Site Back?

    I was so disappointed when I came on and everything had changed. I miss the old format, it was much more user friendly. I recently had another site I had been a member of for 9 years change everything and everyone I had made friends left including me. I was heart broken because all our...
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    How i avoid my cats waking me up for their wet food.

    I would not be able to afford this but boy do I need some sleep right now. Peaches starts crying in the middle of the night and does not stop until I get out of bed. I only got 4 hours sleep last night and the night before she only let me sleep 5 hours. I'm so tired, I can't think straight.
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    Please Pray for furbabies

    Update on my colony A friend of mine helped me feed them when I first left and then she started feeding them so they would get used to her coming around with the food. The landlord who kicked me out doesn't actually own the place as her son bought it for her and he told me we could feed them...
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    Please Pray for furbabies

    In the state of Washington it is legal to give a 20 day notice and my landlord is evil and did all this on purpose. She also knew I would have a hard time finding section 8 housing as she has threatened this to be several times. If I don't find a place by July 20 I will lose housing. The waiting...
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    Please Pray for furbabies

    Out of the blue on May 10 my landlord gave me a vacate notice. I have to be gone by May 31. We are still packing and putting our things in storage. I don't have time to trap my 5 feral kitties. I have traps set out but nobody will go near them and I'm running out of time. I have been feeding...
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    New Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Bites variety

    I have a feral cat that seems to have issues with every canned and dry food. She has an ulcer on her lip that won't go away. Certain foods will make it worse and her chin can get really red and swollen. Her paws are swollen also. I was going to try this food but I don't know anything about...
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    Cat foaming at mouth

    I have to give my cat benadryl for seasonal allergies. She foams at the mouth every time I give it to her. The vet showed my how to put the syringe way back in her mouth and do it fast. She still runs around the house foaming at the mouth but not as bad as the way I tried giving it to her for...
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    Benadryl dosage?

    My cat takes that for allergies. It has a very bad taste and they foam from the taste. I try to get it the syringe far back in her mouth and give it to her fast. She still runs around foaming all over the place but like I said it has a bad taste. Are you giving the liquid form in a syringe?
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    Probiotic allergy?

    Has anyone heard of a cat being allergic to Probiotics? My cat has IBD and thought I would try a Probiotic. A few years ago I tried one but she seemed to have a reaction to it. I went Friday and picked up a different brand to try again. Since starting this one she is doing the same thing she...
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    Feline gastrointestinal lymphoma?

    I'm so glad to hear Mukkia is doing much better. He's a little fighter.
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    Midi (Midnight) says hello

    That's just to cute. I have never seen a cat sleep like that.
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    Muffin's kitten--Cupcake

    I love the name Cupcake. She is so cute, she does look a lot like Muffin. Are you planning on keeping her?