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    Cat Moans For No Apparant Reason

    TY so much for your answer! My cat could be showing her objections to the new baby or stress via her vocalizations. After all she has always been a lone cat. She seems sad since he came. He can be a bully in regards to the best spots to lay. I will take a look at the calming products. I have...
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    Cat Moans For No Apparant Reason

    Hi, My 4.5 y/o spayed rescue Whitney "My profile pic cat" has begun softly moaning on occasion. It is not her angry moan, nor a "I want to mate moan" but akin to the kind of moan humans make when snuggling down for a nap or stretching. She is otherwise eating great, playful, and eliminating...
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    Review by '' on item 'Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Litter Box'

    I ended up getting a second rescue cat to keep my current one from getting lonely and so decided to get a second box. I saw this one on Amazon and scored a killer deal. I think I paid less than 40 & with all the glowing reviews I was excited. It was easy to set up and holds a ton of sand. My...
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    What Kinda Cat Do I Resemble?

    TY he was wearing his new bow tie. His sister and Mom are short haired his brother is long. lol Oh wow I just learned Burmese cats are diff from Birman. Sorry but yes indeed Langley looks Birman. 4 white paws, blue eyes, silky different fur. :)
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    What Kinda Cat Do I Resemble?

    Hi All. I decided to get another rescue kitten from a shelter that slated his whole family to be put down-they mistakenly deemed them feral-and he has been nothing but a joy. He is quite unusual looking and although I know he is of course a "Domestic Medium Haired" I can't help but wonder about...
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    Adopt Or Not?

    Ya sadly, the vet has no clue. He told me he sees cats with uris lasting months now. Sheesh
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    Adopt Or Not?

    I think what I was looking for was probabilities. The kits are at the vet weekly with no answers or improvement. Any statistians out there?
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    Adopt Or Not?

    A good friend rescued a family of cats off the street. A mom & 3 beautiful blue eyed seal point kittens. We took them to the local shelter because they claimed they were low kill-However, they immediately classified our 4 as feral-they weren't- and told us they all would be put down in less...
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    Weaning Kittens

    My question was about transitioning tip- not their weight or how often to feed. In addition, I was essentially mocked into weaning at 4 weeks by an online group who all specialize in fostering kittens on fb-They tend to prefer 3.5 weeks to start to wean. I have read at least 30 websites...
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    Weaning Kittens

    I have become a kitten foster for the local shelter. Boy is it a full time job. Being my first time an all and these cats adopt-ability relying on me I do feel some pressure-It's only 5am here on a Sunday and here I am asking for help lol. First, my kits are 4-5 weeks old-one is 80 grams...
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    Cat has swollen lower lip (pictures included)

    TY for your advice but we never use plastic only stainless steel sterilized in the dishwasher. I researched this issue in depth, went to the vet and had Whitney my cat tested for allergies in 2014 when it started. Regardless of all the research we still do not know her specific trigger. She is...
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    Got a Kitten for Christmas

    Most vets in the united states will give you a FREE Kitten exam with a new shelter pet. You just have to call and and ask.  They do this hoping you will choose them as your cats vet. She is too young to be away from the shelter, mom and siblings and too young to have received any shots. I think...
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    Comment by 'slykat12' in item 'Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter'

    The product packaging has changed. It is now in a big plastic bag. Much better than the box . I can get it at petco too.
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    Review by '' on item 'FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats'

    I got one of the furminators for long haired cats for my medium haired cat. It seems very well made and for the most part my cat tolerates it. However, after our first brushing I noticed her fur looked shorter. My cat has a shaggy coat with some really long hairs and other short. I find it very...