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    Need Suggestions For Introducing 5 Cats! (And a rabbit)--XXL (Sorry!)

    I agree completely with Kieka. That was absolutely my initial instinct as well. There’s simply no need to stress the cats out more than necessary - especially Gretchen and Oreo, who are already going to have to deal with an ongoing invasion of territory and drastic change in routine (followed...
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    Have a few questions about stray starving sick cat

    This cat sounds like a feral, in which case, it will need to be trapped for spay/neuter and/or any additional vet care you might be capable of affording. Trapping is SUPER easy, and we can walk you through it every step! If you can give us your general location, we can help you locate TNR...
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    Unknown location of feral mom and kittens

    Are you sure she’s given birth yet? You just need to try and track her movements right now as closely as possible to try and find the nest. Have you set the camera up yet?
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    cat in a cage

    I have to be honest, he still may injure himself, and it can be very bad. However, this reaction is very rare, especially if you follow the advice others above have given. But please know that even if he does injure himself, he will heal and you are unquestionably doing the right thing by him...
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    Tom cat problems

    I don’t think this was directly addressed by anyone, but sorry if I missed it - While it appears you have hopes of keeping him (yay!), at least for future reference, I wanted to ensure that you know that relocating a community cat is not a good idea. It is practically a death sentence for any...
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    Does anyone here know if you can give Capstar to an opossum?

    Also - if the fleas ever look really bad, try to check the color of his nose. Opossums are relatively susceptible to flea anemia, so if you see his nose looking very, very light and pale, anemia is indicated. If that hapoens, I would be happy to help connect you with a rehabber or wildlife...
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    Does anyone here know if you can give Capstar to an opossum?

    Wish I had seen this sooner! I’m a rehabber. Yes, it is completely safe to give Capstar to an opossum! This is standard to give most mammals upon intake! (Although in wildlife it is used less for fleas, and more so for maggots and fly eggs). Opossum’s can be given many of the same meds as cats...
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    Female cat humping multiple times a day eek

    In addition to what everyone else said, why don’t they do diagnostic imaging first to see if she has her reproductive organs or not?
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    Hard-to-play-with Young cat

    It’s hard to know whether it’s behavioral vs health when labs don’t conclusively seem to rule out a health issue :/ So I would try several things, if it’s within your means to do so - - Environmental enrichment. You said you added a tree, and that’s great! It’s totally normal for cats to...
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    Help! Low cost spay/neuter clinics in Wisconsin?

    That’s a good idea, hadn’t thought about that. I am surprised at how many spay/neuter clinics closed in the area (down here all of them stayed open and just switched to curbside)... they seem to be preparing to reopen, but it’s looking like many are going to have 2-3 month waits, which is...
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    Trapping Very Sick Cat

    I have never trapped in the type of environment you describe, so there may be limits to some of what I’m suggesting. First though, what do your signs about feeding say? If they don’t clarify you’re trying to trap a sick cat, caretakers are going to think you’re just another person who doesn’t...
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    Ideal age to neuter?

    In the same vein as others have mentioned, current scientific evidence is actually in favor of pediatric neutering beyond any other age range. I have some background in scientific literacy, so I look directly at the data first, then reputable organizations (not individual vets, unless there is...
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    Does anyone know of any single protein rabbit dry foods that aren’t Instinct LID?

    Yeah, I’d found the Nature’s Logic, and the chicken and turkey derived ingredients are too risky for an elimination diet, I think. I had not heard of Rayne! I will keep that in mind. It requires veterinary approval and my vets are unfortunately big ‘ol shills for Royal Canin, so I’m not sure...
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    Young Again food? Bad experience?

    Okay. Was it the vet or Young Again that told you about the premix? My understanding has been that there is a difference between a mix made for raw, and a mix made for cooked food (homemade, canned, dry). Have you tried this mix yet to see if he likes it? It won’t do anything as a back up plan...
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    Young Again food? Bad experience?

    So you’re feeding the Young Again treats, not the food? Or are you giving him the (nutritionally complete) food as treats/in treat sized servings? I’ve never fed any of the YA treats, but we do feed 3 varieties of the YA food to my kidney cats, because YA is the only dry food I’ve found with...